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The Support Service You Need, When Searching for Sponsorship in Nigeria

Your sport event may never see the day light without Sponsorship, because of the large amount of money required to execute it. So you need a Sponsor darely! The reason you must prepare and do your home work well before you aproach any company or corporate brand for Sponsorship, that is, if you don't want to be rejected.

By now you already know that searching for sponsorship is the hardest part, because no company is willing to throw around their hard earned cash for just any other sport event. You must convince them beyond any reasonable doubt that your sport event will be directly or indirectly profitable to their business... and show the management HOW; in measurable terms.

Disappointingly, most sponsorship proposal we see out there are more like someone or group of people asking an organization  for Donation. But Sponsorship is not a philanthropic gesture . Sponsorship is not  a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Sponsorship is when a company or brand provides funds, resources or services to a club or sport event, in return for some form of rights and/or associations with the club or event that may be used to help the company or brand commercially. The sponsor (company or brand) uses this relationship to achieve its promotional objectives and support its broader marketing goals.

So, if your proposal doesn't state in clear terms how the company or brand will benefit from the proposed sponsorship deal, then forget it! This is one of the reasons must sponsorship proposals end up in a refuse bin.

Indeed, if you don't know who the "gatekeepers" are, you're most likely to handover your proposal to the wrong person; who will without consideration, throw your precious document into the refuse bin.

You need a Sport Marketing Agency to support you in the several stages and processes of landing and closing a sponsorship deal. From how to break into a company and quickly get their interest to treat your proposal, the presentation and defending of your figures in front of the company's management... It isn't an easy process at all. It requires, experience, indept knowledge and negotiation skills...

GreenHunters Sports InInternational, a sport marketing and management agency in Lagos, can provide you the support you need. In fact, our sponsorship support service is broken in bits so you can only engage us where your budget can afford. It start from:

1.Consultation and Brainstorming of the sponsorship elements and finding the right fit cannot be dealt with a kid's glove... If you don't engage us at this early point for indept knowledge, insight and experience , you may get the whole process wrong. That'll be a wasted effort, because we may have to go back to this basics if you decide to engage us at a later point.

2. Crafting of the proposal is an ingenious creation of masterclass documentation and you nneed us in the team to spearhead the creative process and to achieve this in a short possible time.
Engaging us for consultation + Brainstorming + Crafting of Proposal, is Priced: N150, 000 if meeting location is in Lagos.

3. How to Penerate A company /Corporate Brand to get their interest; so they could  quickly treat the sponsorship proposal.... is a different ball game. It requires networking of the highest order and funds to take important officers for lunch or dinner meetings. As a first impression meeting, our team must also prepare and dress well for the occasion.

4. Presentations and negotiations with Company's management is like sitting on hot seat, more like an interview session for a job applicant. This is the highest meeting you neither win or mar all your effort at this meeting. So we must put our best foot forward and our best men in terms of knowlegde, experience, good presentation and negotiation skills... You will surely need us at this point!

5.Monitoring Sponsorship elements is essential to ensure the sponsor (company or brand) achieve their purpose for taking up the funding of your sponsorship event. Most time difficult to execute some of elements or to keep away other brands from infringement. Our experience may make the difference at this pont too.

If you want to engage us in the process of penetrating companies + to be part of the presentation and negotiation process with company's management + monitoring of sponsorship elements... Pricing is negotiable, depending on the magnitude of the project.

WhatsApp or Call us: +234(0)809 877 2556 if you need our support in your search for sponsorship.

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