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This Generation Changed the Way We Work in Sports

Don't stick to the old way! It's no longer effective to reach this generation of sports consumers on the streets, stadium or on traditional media: such as posting bills, newspapers, radio... The attention of today's sports consumers are largely online and on television.

Sports fans spend more time on the internet and it has drastically changed their response habits and the way they love to consume their favorite sports. For instance, a typical football fan in Nigeria consume more of the sports live on television and if they are on the go or at work they watch on the internet with their desktop or mobile device.

The consumers habit today is to first search Google or Youtube to find instant information or solution to their need. And they spend more time with wrapth attention on social media platforms.

So for a typical football consumer spend more time watching highlights or special documentaries videos on Youtube or other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchats. When they need information such as match fixtures, results, statistics, Sports betting odds and other events or recruitment opportunities they quickly search Google.

Therefore, you must set up your business to reach these consumers where they spend more time and where you can easily get their attention and interest. Your Sports business outfit should be on the Internet and set up digital marketing tools as well.

To be on the internet you should set up a website and have a vibrant blog where you can post information on text or video; so consumers seeking such solution your products and services can solve,  can find and contact you online.

If you have the requisite knowledge and skills, you can design a webite and blog that will suite your business needs. Otherwise, you can engage a professional web-designer to help you achieve that. And continually update your website or blog you may learn writing or speaking communication skills with fundamental IT programming and video shooting skills.

 To properly set up your sports business on the internet and effectively reach and engage consumers of this generation you probably need the following:

1. SEO: For your customers and potential customers to easily find you on Google search first page or  so, you should learn and set up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website and blog. It requires understanding the dynamics of Google Alogrithmns and how to deploy Internal and External keywords.

2. Digital Marketing: Learn and set up digital marketing strategies and tools. Essentially, you should learn social media marketing, Email marketing and Online promotional skills.

Social media marketing require you to understand and apply how to get the Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) of your qualified audiences on various social media platforms.

Email Marketing: also learn and set up email marketing tools. Strategies to get emails and build data of qualified  customers and potential customers. Knowing the right message to send to each categories or groups segmented.

Digital marketing communication tools: You should as well learn how to use and set up your digital marketing communication tools. Learn Tele-marketing, Video-call marketing, Chat marketing skills.... Set up digital communication tools such as WhatsApp, Skype, Email Chimp, Bulk SMS and other messaging Apps.

Tele marketing skills require you have telephone manners and skills to relate as well as persuade customers to act in a certain way.

Video Call Marketing require that the customer see you via video as you communicate with him or her. It require some other technical skills to convince customers via video calls.

Chat Marketing require text blogging or instant messaging through platforms such as WhatApp, Facebook Messaging, Google hang out...

Mobile Apps and desktop platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instant Messenger, Skype... provide both chat, call and video-call options for your business outfit.

With these skills and tools up and running  you have effectively set up your business to grow faster than you can imagine. One more thing, with digital marketing operational in your business, you can work from anywhere and at anytime, 24/7.

 Of course, we can help if you are interested in learning these new skills and set them up for your business. Contact us for further inquiry, Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556. You can also email us: Thank you!

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