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What Do You Know About Talent Marketing In The Football Industry?

-What if you found out that your kid is displaying some exceptional football playing talent?

-What if your dream is to become a football player Manager of global repute?

What if you discover an outstanding football talent in your neighborhood and you think he can become the next superstar, What Next?

What do you know about Talent Marketing in the football industry?

First what is Talent Marketing?
Talent Marketing in the football industry is the process of discovering, grooming, packaging, promoting and deliverying satisfying football talents to clubs. The job is to discover football talents and make them more attractive to recruiters (Player's Agents, Scouts and Clubs Management...)

It is one thing to discover a talent, it is another to make him become a football star... It requires grooming and packaging the talent to become more attractive, then position and promoting the talent to the right clubs at the right time.

For a Talent Marketer, the job is to discover talents early enough before they become attractive to Player's Agents, Scouts and clubs.

First, talents need to be groomed and packaged to become more attractive.
Second, talents need to be positioned and promoted so recruiters can easily find them.

The point is, Agents or Scouts may bye-pass unattractive  raw talent, because they are not ready to groom anyone at that level. They just want "ready made talents" to introduce to clubs and earn their commissions right away.

Grooming takes time and requires engaging the raw talent with a qualified developmental coach or academy where the talent can learn football techniques and ball intelligence to improve his talent with vital skills required in professional football.

Packaging is another important aspect that requires creating very attractive marketing tools such as CV(Player's profile) and Promo-video clips.

Positioning and promoting the talent requires exposing player to the national team coaches, Agents, Scouts, Club coaches and managements by taking the groomed talent to the right scouting programs, trials, tours and tournaments where he can be spotted.

Where can You Find A Talent Marketing Professionals?
What's popular in the football industry are Agents and Scouts. The common mistake most players and parents make is to go on a futile search for Agents and scouts, but what they need at this point are talent marketers.

Talent Marketers are sometimes referred to as Player or talent Managers, because they discover talents, monitor and guide them through their career to accomplish their full potentials.

As I said earlier, what an upcoming football player needs isn't an Agent, what he needs is a talent marketer. They are in the best position to package you and introduce you to the right Agents, scouts and clubs around the world.

GreenHunters Sports International, a sport marketing outfit in Lagos Nigeria, are very experienced in talent marketing. First, you'll register and attend our talent Assessment program. That's where everything begin for you.  We'll see you play and confirm if we can work with you....then recommend  a roadmap of how to get your career moving. Then you are on the way to attend several trials and sign for a club soon.

The registration for our one day talent Assessment is N10,000 (ten thousand Naira Only). Contact us to book date for the next Assessment. Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556 or Email:

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