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2019 List of Football Trials and Scouting Events - You Can Attend In Nigeria

Go on a trial and get Scouted this year 2019
Get this straight, working to be a professional football player: all the pressure and responsibility to be successful falls solely on your shoulders.

- It is your responsibility to train hard and get your skills to the point you become attractive to football clubs.

- It is your responsibility to get scouted. You must always look out for opportunities to play in front of scouts and agents. It could cost you a lot money...but that's the only way to go.

 If clubs are not Pulling you to come over and play for them, then you must Push yourself to the clubs... to get all the attention you deserve. You must plan to go for as many tryout as you can afford until you succeed. As they say, success is not an accident, It is a planned process, principles and perseverance you must adopt.

It cost a lot of time and money; a lot of disappointments and failed processes. Only the very determined person will eventually succeed at long last.

This is 2019, you must decide to come out of your shell and put aside everything (thoughtts, fears or inaction) that has kept you down for so long.

Not having to punish yourself any longer: it’s easy to remain in one place (stagnant) for long time..(depressed, frustrated and even accusing God of neglecting you..).

Doing what you love: the passion and drive to  become a football star can be mentally and emotionally exhausting... It could even destroy your future because you cannot get yourself to pursue another trade or career.

This is why you must take the bull by the horn this year. I’m sure that you can relate with all of these.

Our job at GreenHunters Sports International is to support you. To provide opportunities for you to get scouted and to go on trials. We have been working hard behind the scene  to see if we can bring the right scouts and well connected agents to see you play in the various scouting events we have planned this year.

 Through, some consultants we've also planned trial tours and individual trials for players.

And for players that need to improve their skills, we can enrol you in one of the best football academy that can build you up fast

List of Trials and Scouting Opportunities for you
1. Monday, February 4th and 11th: Enrollment into Great Olympic Academy
Talent Assessment for players who want to be enrolled into Great Olympic Academy
Players in Nigeria and West Africa, between 16 - 23 years old can participate in the assessment.
Talent Assessment Registration is N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira only).
 Call: +234(0)809 877 2556 for further instruction.

2. March 4th and 11th Screening for Dubai Trial Tour
Talent Assessment for players who want to participate in the Dubai Trial Tour schrduled for May 2019. Players in Nigeria and West Africa between 18 - 23 years are invited for the assessment Registration fee: N10, 000 (Ten Thousand Naira)
Call: +234(0)809 877 2556 for further instruction.

3. Monday June 3rd to 7th Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE)
MTE is a scouting program in Lagos Nigeria that attract renowned scouts worldwide. This year MTE is open to players from all around Nigeria, between 16 - 25years old.Registration is N25,000 (Twenty-five Thousand Naira only).
 Call: +234(0)809 877 2556 for further instruction.

4. September (Date not fix) Top African Players for Europe
Ashan Holgate and Lee Clark of Global Soccer ID, UK will be in Lagos Nigeria in September for 5 days Scouting program. Selected players will be given opportunity to tryout in several European clubs and others to obtain scholarship to study in universities across Europe and America. Players between 17 - 26 years are invited to participate. Registration fee: $150 (one hundred and fifty US Dollars). Call: +234(0)809 877 2556 for further instruction.

The list of opportunity we have here is not exhaustive, we will update them as we land more opportunities  as the year go by. So you will be wise to save the link to this post and always refer back at it from time to time, so you don't miss the updated version.

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