Super Eagles and 90 minutes FaiRYtALe in Nigeria

 It’s like “Tales By MoonLight” – the TV program that tells our children fairytales that is full of fantasia than reality. Remember Cinderella story, where the fairy godmother suddenly showed up to make everything beautiful for Cinderella and made it possible for her to attend the ball; but with the condition that she must be back by 12 midnight when everything will return back to normal. I’ve seen similar thing happen in Nigeria, when everything suddenly become beautiful. People forget all the hardship, all the differences and come together in one Nigeria spirit to cheer so joyfully.

It opens my eyes to the fact that despite of our differences, Nigerians have one love! The love to watch the Nigeria National football team – Super Eagles – play. It’s a big party! For the next one hour and half, we forget all our political, tribal, religion differences and sit together in true brotherhood to support our darling Super Eagles. Regrettably, the romance only lasts for 90minutes, then the bust again. Super Eagles has become our “fairy team.”

I don’t know if you could see what am seeing -  the simple solution to the rather complex problems that are degenerating by each day in Nigeria. The “Nigeria one love and the 90 minutes fairy time” is the solution! Does it put ideas into your head? By simple deductive reasoning, we know the solution is to have more of the one love and extend the 90 minutes to everlasting. Then, we apply the same thing in every troubled spot in Nigeria. I hope you understand what am saying.

Since I have the idea in my head, I always feel that we’re wasting opportunities to better our country anytime the Super Eagles play. It’s the only time we can get national attention – young and old, Rich and Poor, Male and Female, Christian and Moslem, Ibo and Hausa, Apprentice and Managing Director – everyone is at attention when the Super Eagles is playing. It’s the best time for National Orientations and the best time to displaying National affinity programs.

Four Ways Super Eagles could Bring Peace and Unity to   Nigeria

Build a Strong Super Eagles Team: We must put all our resources together to build a strong Super Eagles that will continue to fan the fire of our love by winning most of their Matches.

We should support the present re-building process by Coach Samson Siasia. The team is already showing promises of better thing to come.


Orientation Programs: We should take advantage of every Super Eagles match to sell public orientation programs. We should inscribe national messages and display them around the stadium arena. I mean to advertise on stadium signage boards.

National Orientation should also advertise on TV stations during the broadcast of Super Eagles matches. Our President and governors should take advantage of such times to sell their national and state programs; especially controversial policies such as tax and petroleum issues etc.

  Use Super Eagles Star Players: Government should use super eagles star players such as Nwankwo Kanu, Joseph Yobo, Osaze Odewingie, Mikel Obi, Ahmed Musa, to speak on national orientationsand projects as well as policy programs. They have the necessary charisma to get people to easily agree to their request. 

       We could also take the appropriate star players to trouble spots and use them to give relief programs and to settle conflicts. The Super Eagles players have the public appeal and can hold a rewarding attention in any area in Nigeria.

Give Free Super Eagles Jersey: The National Orientation Agency should give out free Super Eagles Jersey during match day. The free jersey should be inscribed on with national messages and the need to be a good citizen.

      They could also share the jersey as part of relief materials to children in refuge camps and victims of trouble spots.

Super Eagles Youth Football Programs: The NFF should use the Super Eagles brand to venture into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Get Super Eagles players to visit grassroots clubs in the hitherland.

   They should use the opportunity to equip some of these grassroots clubs and encourage them to be good    citizens.
NFF should support grassroots competitions to channel our youth’s energy towards productive activity. Many of these grassroots body under perform due to poor funding. NFF should set up good program for them all.

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