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What Is The Way To Get Into Nigeria Under 17 National Team, Golden Eaglets?

First, you must be under 17 years of age and have a legally certified  birth certificate, affidavit (Age declaration) or a valid International Passport as your evidence. Later on, before Fifa U17 world cup, selected players may be subjected to MIR test to prove their real age.

Second, you should be one of the best in the top academies in Nigeria, such as Pepsi Academy, Kwara State Football academy, FCBescola, Abuja Football School... Coaches are asked to recommend players from these academies to the cadet national team.

More over, Eaglets team play several build up match with these academies. And if you happen to shine, perform very well in any of those friendly game, you will be invited to join the team.

Third, Scouts and sports journalists recommend players they discovered in some of the top youth tournaments such as Principal Cup, Channels Kids Cup, All Secondary School Football Competition, YSFON endeavor to participate in some of these tournament.

Of course, if you know anyone working in NFF or top sports journalists, you should ask the person to recommend you to Eaglets coaches, so you can be invited for trial test.

It may be difficult for young Nigerians living abroad, because most Under 17 coaches prefer using local grown players, because Nigeria has large deposit of young talented footballers. However, you could look for a renowned sports journalisr who could at least introduce you to the coaching crew for a possible trial test.

The most difficult part is to attend Eaglets Open Trials. Hundreds of young Nigerians attend this screening program, but are hardly given any real chance to be discovered. Here some good players are thrown away with the bad waters. But if you don't any of option listed above, then feel luck to attend the open trials.

As they say, You don't choose football, football choose you! If you are destined for top flight football then you must make a move to be discovered. No matter the thousands of young players at the open trials, destiny will still spot you. So feel luck and attend!

The Scandal About Parents Bribing Eaglets Coaches 
It may not be totally false accusations that parents try to bribe the coaches and force them to select their child over other better players. But no progressive coach would like to do that; because coaches depend on good players to win and be recognized as a good coach too.

No coach would see an outstanding player and drop him would less or average player. If the coach fails to win with the team or if he record spite of poor performances, he too will be sacked. So don't be freightened by such scandals, feel luck and attend

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