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SPORT WEAR MARKETING: How Owu Dressed Up 3SC To Woo Fans To The Stadium

 When you go to the stadium to watch Nigeria premier league games, what do you wear? Do you put on a regular cloth or  do you put on a Chelsea, Manchester united, or  Barcelona jersey? If you do, then you’re disconnected from your favorite home team. Well, that’s what Barrister Olatunji Brown, CEO of Owu Sport Wear company, thought when he decided to enter a 3 years licensing agreement with 3SC in April 2010. He said “Fans claim they couldn’t find replica jerseys of Nigeria clubs in the market to buy, and we’re here to fill that gap for them.”

So what makes Owu think its wear will succeed in the Nigeria sport market, since most Nigeria football fans support top European clubs? I can tell you that Owu sports wear manufacturers is perhaps the first indigenous company to take such bold step.

Though, it’s risk taken as a new market line that need to be cultivated, but Barrister Brown hopes Owu will leave its mark on Ibadan fans and the rest of Nigerians before competitors shows up.

It’s a step in right direction for any sport wear company who want to break into the market will have to be authentic and build an intimate relationship with the league, clubs, players or grassroots programs to give credibility to its brand. And Owu is the first to start this romance with 3SC. It has launched for 3SC a new jersey design for 2012 league season.

Today, 3SC is one of the pretty football club you can find in Nigeria, with its all blue and white design from Owu. The beautiful thing is the team don’t have to improvise anymore. Owu has provided for them enough jerseys for all the players and even those they may want to sign during mid-season. Owu has also made the replica available at a premium price of NGN1, 000 each, to encourage fans to buy and as well induce them to attend 3SC games. Soon, you can get the jerseys in just about everywhere in Nigeria. The outcome of the licensing deal will pay off for both 3SC and Owu.

Five Benefits Of Sport Wear Licensing Deal

1.       Increase Revenue: Owu will make more revenue by selling the replica jerseys to fans. Then, it’ll pay royalties to 3SC each year or as the term of agreement may state.

2.       Attract Sponsors: As fans begin to put on the 3SC jersey, sponsors will become more interested to advertise on the jersey, because they will now enjoy maximum exposure through fans and media. 3SC earn more revenue from sponsorship and also pay Owu service fees to imprint those advertising inscriptions on the jersey.

3.       Enjoy Cross Marketing: When 3SC play their games, Owu also enjoy promotion from the display of the jerseys. On the other hand, when Owu deploy its sales/ marketing strategies, it also encourage buyers of the jersey to attend 3SC games.

Owu may also use 3SC star players to advertise on their website, Brochures or other sales materials. This help them to capture public attention and patronage.

4.       Benefit from Ambush Marketing: 3SC and Owu benefits from the extra promotions they get from fans when they wear the jersey to other large gatherings such as Viewing Centers, Crusades or to watch other tournaments which 3SC is not involved.

Media such as television or press may capture  fan(s) who are putting on the jersey for different occasion.

5.       Benefit from Brand Equity: The 3SC pedigree and the respect it enjoys as a club will be transferred to Owu. Then, Owu will begin to enjoy lots of public relations as fans will identify with them in most social and business affairs.


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