BOKO HARAM TERROR: Why The Deadly Sect Will Not Bomb A Football Stadium In Nigeria

 Where will the next bomb explode in Nigeria? Is it at the national stadium Abuja or the third mainland bridge in Lagos or the oil field in port Harcourt? No one knows, not even the State Secruity Service (SSS) or the Federal Investigation and intelligence bureau (FIIB). But we have read in the news that the notorious Boko Haram sect have marked these places as some of their prime target for bombing.

You dare not think they cannot, the Boko Haram sect have shown they can bomb anywhere in Nigeria at anytime. They’ve bombed the Police headquarters, UN building, Churches, Barracks, Villages. They have bombed on Independence day, Christmas day, new year day…they have killed police, military men, UN workers, Youth Corpers… If they have their way, they will bomb Aso Rock and kill the President today.

You may think their operations are limited to Maidugiri, Jos, Abuja… Now they’re spreading terror to Damaturu, Jalingo, Potiskum, Kano, all over the northern part of Nigeria, and you never can tell where else.

I remember this incident in Lagos. I entered a public bus in Ojota park, and while we waited for the bus to get filled up, four Fulani young men entered the bus and sat down with their traveling bags. Immediately, other passengers began to hurry out of the bus, murmuring “Boko Haram, Boko Haram. So we all now live in fear, whether you are in Ibadan, Warri, Onitsha, Calabar… the shadows of Boko Haram keep chasing us as we walk the streets looking back and as we sleep with one eye open.

The uncertainty surrounding their operations and what they really want is what makes it more scary for everyone in Nigeria. And it’s high risk for football clubs like Eyimba, Rangers, Heartland, Dolphin… to travel to the north to honor their Premier League games. Anything can happen! Players get so scared when they are selected to play in the north. Most southern footballers who play fro cluibs like Plateau United, Juth, Kano pillars, Kaduna United… are scared to death. Sme of them have abandoned their club and return back to the south.

It’s pathetic what is happening in places like Jos and Kano , where great players such as Mikel obi, Ahmed Musa, Dickson Etuhu, Celestine Babayaro were raised to become football stars. Now, it’s risky for young boys to go out there to train and develop their football skills. Boko Haram can appear anywhere, anytime and not many that saw them lived to tell the story.

But security analyst Wadanas Abi said, “Boko Haram is not likely to bomb a football stadium or a playing ground where football game is going on. Unless, where the stadium is used for christian activities like a crusade.” Mr. Abi believes that most Boko Haram members are among those football fans you find in Plateau, Kano, or Gombe stadium. In fact, it’s a ceasefire time for the sect when a major league game is going on in Jos or Kano. Most of them will be at the stadium cheering and booing the teams.

Mr. Abi velieves that the Boko Haram members are more likely to listen to their stars such as Mikel Obi and Ahmed Musa. And we can use these players to talk to them, get close them to understand what they really want.

Boko Haram Targets For Bombing
1.       Police stations and Army Barracks
2.       Churches and Crusade grounds
3.       Christian settlement in the north such as “Sabo Gari in Kano.”
4.       Diplomatic building such as UN, Embassies…
5.       Government prominent places such as Eagle Square, Senate building, Aso Rock…

Tips To Safe Guard Yourself
1.       Pray for God Protection and peace to reign in Nigeria
2.       Avoid places listed as Boko Haram targets
3.       Avoid staying in the midst of large crowd
4.       Avoid prominent places such as Airport, Shopping Malls, music shows…
5.       Report to the Police suspected persons, Vehicles, Equipments around your area.

 Say No To Terrorism! sTop The Senseless Killings!!!

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