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An Excellent Way to Organize School Inter House Sports Competition in Nigeria - Here's A Checklist for Your School!

Organizing your school Inter House sports competition is like organizing a Mini Olympic games. It is time to impress the parents and make them feel proud of their children's school.

Remember  some of them may be attending the Inter House sports event with their friends and neighbours. It is probably your best opportunity to sell your school to the plan to have an excellent event....go the extra mile to highlight all the laudable things your school have achieved and is known for.

Your venue must be made as conducive enough in terms of security and a smooth playing ground for sporting activities. There is nothing wrong to use rented venue if your school doesn't  have a good pitch. Well, Inter House sports event can also be seen as an opportunity to develop and upgrade your school sporting infrastructures.

Organizing a school inter house sports competition takes four stages: Planning, Preparation, Execution and Post event.

Arguably, planning is probably the most important stage. If your school management gets it right and follow their plan through, the Inter house sports competition will come out excellently well.

If you are planning to stage an Inter House Sports Competition in your School, the first thing is to constitute a Local Organzing Committee (LOC).  The LOC will be saddled with the organization and administration of the InterHouse Sports.

Elect or select a self-motivating person to be the chairman of the LOC... give the committee your term of reference... Let them divide themselves into sub-Committees

Sub Committee A
creation of Competition

  • Create houses, house names and colour
  • Divide teachers to take charge of each house (House masters)
  • Divide students to belong to a house
  • Determine how many medals, certificates and trophies required

2. Event/ administration 

  • Determine events the houses will compete e.g 100m, longjump, high jump...
  • Determine age grade and medical fitness of students going to participate in junior and senior category of the competition.
  • Determine event officials (you can contact Sports council close to your school if you like
  • Determine First Aid and employment  of a medical team from a Local health center close to you.

Sub Committee B
Facilities and Equipment
  • Determine sports facilities (field, courts, swiming pool, tennis table, tennis lawn...)
  • Detemine equipment required for each event (batons, balls, rackets, bats, whistles...)
  • Source for facilities and equipments where the school doesn't have them.
  • Determine date for the Inter house sports and secure venue.
  • Get permission and good counsel from School Sports Council
  • Employ or set up Security system to curb hooliganism and probably outbreak of violence.

Sub Committee C
Finance and Budgeting
  • Determine budget and how to raise the funds
  • Work with marketing sub committee to organize fund raising/ Sponsorship proposal...
  • Accounting for income and disbursement of expenditure, controling cashflow
  • Reporting actual fund received as  compared to estimated budget and set off alternative actions

Sub Committee D
Branding, Publicity and Marketing
1. Branding
Branding the inter house sports
  • Get and approve designs/ logos/flags/sportswears for each house
  • Source for sportswears, flags, sideboards 
  • Design school inter house sports brochure
  • Determine designer (tailor/artist, printers) to handle the job.

2. Publicity:
  • Determine goal and objectives of Inter house sports
  • Determine audience to reach for invitation
  • Detemine Promotion and advertising media required to reach expected audience

3. Marketing
  • Determine who to sell the Intet house to 
  • Get students, teachers and parents to buy in and be excited about the upcoming Inter House sports
  • Determine who will fund the inter house sports...parents, friends of school, Corporate sponsors or all of the above
  • Plan how to communicate to these different strata of people to ensure positive response from them.

Special Note
- Start off preparation on time. Start training your school athletes to be in their best shape for the competition.
- Start off execution of plan on time, especially selling the event to parents, students and the teachers...
- Reach proposed sponsors on time with your proposal and set up follow up strategies to ensure the sponsorship money and donations arr received on time.
- Start upgrading sporting facilities and purchasing equipment as well as sports wears on time.

Have an exciting Inter house sports competition...and if you have further inquiry contact us by email: or better still contact us on our mobile phone or chat on WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556.

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