2012 CHRISTMAS IN NIGERIA: 5 Things Football Fans Should Expect This Holiday

Christmas Tree in Nigeria
 Merry Christmas! I hope you’re looking forward to a fun filled holidays. Are you planning to be in Nigeria for Christmas? That would be nice if you are a football fan. Let us give you tips of what to expect in the country regarded as giant of Africa.

By December 15, after most school have vacated, the pilgrimage will being. And by December 25, major densely populated cities like Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, would have experienced a mass exodus of the Christian population – migrating to the East and South Nigeria. This is where Christmas happens!


It’ll not be a white Christmas; you’ll never find snow in Nigeria because there’s no winter here. It’s usually a dry chilling weather with a cyclone North- East trade wind blowing intensely from the Sahara Desert. It is called ‘Harmattan Season.’

But with the climate change observed in Nigeria this year, it’s possible we may not experience such intense harmattan. The weather is currently hot, averaging between 36 degrees to 38 degrees Celsius – A good weather for outdoor events.

Well, I rather advice you to pack your sweaters along with some light cloths, you never can tell how intense the weather could be.

Calabar Christmas Carnival


Go to Calabar and have the fun of your life. The Christmas festivity that goes on in Canaan city is fast becoming a national tourist attraction, similar to that of Rio de Jenairo carnival in Brazil. You cannot really say you were in Nigeria for Christmas, if you didn’t visit Calabar for Christmas carnival. By December 26 – 28, the city of Calabar will be agog with holiday makers – music, partying and street carnival everywhere you go.


If you’re around Owerri or Aba, you may likely see the “All Stars games at Uzii Layout primary school Owerri or Township stadium in Aba. You may come across some Nigeria ex-stars such as Nwankwo Kanu, Mobi Oparaku, Sylvester Oparanozie, Finidi George, Albert Yobo, Isaac Okoronkwo, James Obiora, Ndidi Anumunu...

The tempo seem to have gone down a little since Nwankwo Kanu is longer in the prime of his career, many big stars do not follow him down to owerri like before.

One of the hallmarks of Christmas in the East and South- South region of Nigeria is, the Inter – Village football tournaments organized at various towns – from Onitsha to Owerri, from Umuahia to Uyo… You’ll find inter-village football tournament going on during the Christmas period. Just find out where the tournament will be taking place in the town close to where you will be staying.


Football fans in Nigeria during Christmas would rely on satellite TV and their mobile devices to monitor games at English Premier League (EPL). It is understandable, Manchester United and Chelsea has large number of supporters in this country.

Fans are likely to be together in open air restaurants or Viewing centers that have Satellite TV Decoder, to watch games and chat with one another. They’ll also be participating in Social media interactions online.


There may be no Christmas for the home based players invited to Super Eagles camp. Nigeria National team camp start December 17, for Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2013).

The players may be allowed to be with their families for Christmas, that is, on December 25 and 26. By December 27, the foreign based players invited will join them for a more intensive training program – that would mark the end of Christmas holiday for them.

Super Eagles will be in Camp During Christmas

Enjoy your Christmas! I am also using this opportunity to wish you a prosperous new year 2013. Happy New Year!

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