2013 FOOTBALL TRIAL CAMP IN LAGOS: 300 Players Would Have Opportunity To Be Selected By Foreign Scouts


By second week of June 2013, 300 players would be selected to participate in the !st GreenHunters Football Trial Camp in Lagos Nigeria. For two weeks, selected players would leave their homes, families, and friends, to be at the camp – where they would be taught techniques of modern football and get opportunity to be selected by foreign scouts.

Helen Chukwueke, Media Relations Officer of GreenHunters Sports International, took time to explain the initiative. “We’ve come up with a simple cost-effective way of exposing the avalanche of talented football players in Nigeria. Instead of taking only three to five players at a time to trial camps in UK or Spain, for the same amount, we are bringing over a foreign coach and two Scouts to Nigeria, to see 300 players display their raw talents. We’re optimistic that out of the 300 players, at least 20 of them may be selected to further try out with various foreign clubs which the scouts represent.

It’ll be an open trial. Talented players that have an International Passport, age 17 to 22 years can register to participate.

However, the trials is not for Tom, Dick, and Harry. The ‘I can Play’ intruders would be screened out before the camp proper. We’ve designed various ways to discover the not too serious and not talented players.

There may be a Pre-trial session, if we have in excess of 300 players that effectively registered. Only the very talented players would make it to the camp. So if you are a player and you are confident that you can excel at the trials, Click the logo below to fill the registration form.

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