2013 CONFEDRATON'S CUP UPDATE: FIFA Plan to Introduce 2 New Features At The Tournament In Brazil

Confederation's cup is one of the tournament FIFA use as an avenue to test run new football rules or some technological innovations. The 2013 edition, which is a warm up tournament for 2014 World cup, will see FIFA introduce two new important features that we think our football community should be aware of.

1. Biological Passport: A new doping test otherwise known as Biological profiles will be introduced at the tournament in June.

Biological profiles are built up by collating a player's drug test result overtime, therefore making it easier to detect difference which could indicate the use of banned substance.

The move comes in the wake of the stunning revelations by an Australia government report, which alleged many professional athletes are using forbidden drug often supplied by organized crime groups.

These performance enhancement drugs are prepared in such a way that it could not easily be detected by simple culturing of the blood sample, hence the biological profiles method.

Football players will now face a more systematic regime of drug testing at every FIFA organized tournament, starting from the Confederation's cup that will hold in Brazil this June.

According to Dr. Michel D'Hooghes, FIFA medical committee chairman, "Drug testing will take a new turn at the Confederation's cup this year, with players' blood testing unannounced at Training camps and games

2. Goal Line Technology: FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, has push for Goal Line Technology (GLT) ever since he watched Frank Lampard denied a legitimate goal in England defeat by Germany in the 2010 World cup at South Africa.

FiFA has decided to use two different GLT that compliment each other at the Confederation's cup -  'Goalref' and 'Hawkeye'.

Goalref (Goal Referee) works by using magnetic sensors to determine whether the ball cross the goal line. The magnetic sensor is installed beneate the goal post, then synchronized with the ball and the Referee's time watch. It automatically indicate the referee's time watch anytime the cross the ball cross the goal line and declares a goal.

Hawkeye on the other, uses a number of cameras fixed at different view angles of the goal post to determine if the ball actually crossed the goal line. Both Goalref and Hawkeye were used at the club world cup and have FIFA approval.

A FIFA statement said "After a successful implementation of GLT at the club world cup at Japan in December 2012, FIFA has decided to use try them again at 2013 Confederation's cup and 2014 World cup, both to be held in Brazil.

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