ODEMWINGIE TWEET MANY TROUBLES: What's This Obsession That's Driving the Fairboy Crazy?

One or two lessons on public relations will not be a bad idea for Peter Osaze Odemwingie, the Nigeria International and West Bromich Albion player, who is locked in the habit of tweeting his anger on the social media platform whenever he feels hurt. And I think that's not wise at all, especially for a public figure like him.

Odemwingie is a fine player that still has a lot to offer, but his twitter obsession and poor attitude is threatening to jeopardize his career. He may have been shooting himself on the feet and I think he needs help. He needs to hire a psychologist or a public relation officer to help him manage his attitude.

Read some of what his colleagues, ex-players, Coach, manager, fans are saying about him. And I think you should lend your own comments below.

Joseph Yobo (Nigeria National Team Captain): "Osaze has been reckless, disrespectful to most people. He's not a kid, he should grow up because we cannot continue to baby sit him. He is responsible for his problems."

Jeffery (West brom Fan): "I suppose the lad (Odemwingie) stay calm on his game. Though, he may think it make no odds to him, because he's on top of his benjamins. But the odds shall sometimes tell against him. Perhaps, he thinks he's an orator. What a bad act of tweeting. He needs one or two lessons."

Victor Ikpeba (Ex-Nigeria International Player): "People close to him (Odemwingie) should advise him. How can he just go about attacking coaches, ex-players and even his colleague like that. I"m waiting for the federation to issue a statement on this matter. They must take action because this is a dangerous precedent; because if they don't, others will do the same thing in future."

Taribo West (Pastor and Ex-Nigeria International Player): "Osaze should shut up and focus on his career instead of insulting his seniors all the time. He needs to respect his elders. His utterances smacks of indiscipline and unprofessional. He should apologize to everyone he's been abusing on twitter because if he continues like this he will not go far in life."

Ben Alaiya (IMC and Sun Shine FC Administrator): "And we must respect our own (Keshi) at least he is the one at the head of affair. I mean if by tomorrow Osaze becomes coach, I wonder if he'll take such insulting tweets from his players. Its not too good because the future is bigger than today."

Stephen Keshi (Nigeria national team Coach): "He told some people that he want to be captain as he considers himself one of the most senior player in the current squad, but how he behaved in the national team over the years has really run counter to his ambition to be the leader of the team. You can only lead by example."

Jeremy Peace (West Brom Chairman): "The only way we would have considered letting Peter leave was if an acceptable offer was forthcoming and if we had found a suitable replacement at a relatively short notice. Neither materialized and in the end the matter become a point of principle as much as anything Peter has acted wholly unprofessionally (disrespecting the team and fans with his tweets)."

I think Osaze will do well to himself and career if he close his Twitter account. I understand that Twitter as well as other social media platforms are means of self expression. But Osaze has been prone to errors using the platform and he cannot continue to be apologetic every other time. Maybe, he misunderstands the whole concept of the social media. His rantings is some worth an abuse of twitter.

I am glad that Nwankwo kanu is making effort to help Osaze settle with the coaching crew, but he must stop his erratic behaviors!

Read Some Of Odemwingie’s Tweets

“A coach the country is praising now will one day be sacked and to his achievements they will say: only one cup? I beg.”

Very little thing made me fall out with ex-Eagles coach Siasia, and that’s club commitment. And that commitment was questioned after,”

“What did that teach me? You only a good guy and professional when you score and give your teams what they want. They throw us out after.”

“When I give all my heart and effort to a team and get overlooked after, how could I possibly be happy? Same in Eagles. Same in WBA. “Well praised and most criticized at the same time. Something is wrong somewhere. And I bet it’s not in my attitude. I believe in transparency.”

“It’s time to change consciousness a bit in naija. Yekini (may his soul RIP) our legend died in poverty. The way our big men spraying now.

“Wish they looked after our heroes when old and in need the way they giving out now. Femi Okpabunmi lost his sight and struggling to feed now.

“The boy got medals and many caps for naija. T. West I heard not so comfortable and few others. Glo and Mtn please compete who give them more.”

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