How This Blog Gets Large Daily Traffic from Major Cities of the World

 This is not ‘Good Morning America’ and it isn’t ‘Yahoo OMG’ or ‘Forbes, which are more popular blogs among internet users. So it’s amazing how the publisher, Benson Chukwueke, is driving such a large daily traffic to this blog. For a blog that promotes only football in Nigeria, you would have thought that it has a very streamlined target audience and may not be able to draw such large traffic around the world.

Traffic Analysis
In the city of Lagos alone, this blog record 1, 363 unique visitors, yet it may surprise you to know that in California USA, it also record 1,209 visitors.

The blog traffic is growing daily and in the city of Berlin Germany, it’s already recording 257 followers and in London UK, 213 daily readers.

Followers of this blog are most likely to be Nigerians, especially those living abroad. We thought so when we looked at how the blog traffic spread across cities – 122 followers from Ontario Canada, 84 from Gauteng South Africa, 61 from Accra Ghana, 53 from Moscow Russia, 46 from Ile de France, 31 from Groningen Netherlands… countries where Nigerian immigrants are well populated.

Indeed, we could look at the spatial spread of the traffic from across the world to give this blog a better evaluation – 28 followers from Selangor Malaysia, 27 from Dublin Ireland, 20 from Nairobi Kenya, 17 from Jakarta Raya Indonesia, 15 from Brussels Belgium… We found out that scholars, Institutions businesses and individuals seeking information about football in Africa, also read this blog.

How This Blog Attract Large Traffic
Perhaps, what may interest you the most is how this blog manage to drive such large traffic on a daily basis. Let me highlight some of the tools and strategies behind its success.

Search Engine Optimization: This blog articles contain keywords that makes it so easy to find when you search Google or any other search engine. This help drive new visitors to the blog.

Social Media Share: This blog share its posts with some of the major social media such as: Google+, Facebook, Twitter and sometimes with LinkedIn. it also encourage fans and friends to re-share the posts. This strategy greatly expands its reach over the Internet.

Bloggers Network: This blog is registered with bloggers’ network; where other publishers could see its contents, score each article, comment and visit the blog as a backlink. It also gets guest writers from the network that is willing to provide relevant contents to support its publications.

Attractive Content: Interesting contents always bring back first time visitors. This blog tailor its contents towards celebrating successes of football in Nigeria as well as providing football information and solutions to readers. Most of this blog articles remain evergreen and relevant to readers for a long time.

Viral Marketing: From time to time, this blog allow readers to download special reports, eBooks and Apps for free. It also organize contest, where readers stand the chance of winning fabulous prizes. This one way it engages readers and inspires them to invite their friends to also enjoy such freebies.

High Traffic Conversion
This blog has a high engagement and conversion rate with visitors making inquiries, seeking information and solutions which GreenHunters Sports International ready deliver to them. Read some of the solutions visitors seek:

I work for a Discover Media, and i am acting on behalf of a casino client of ours who would like to place an article on your site, or potentially place a banner on your site. Josh from California USA

I am a parent to a 13 year old boy who is talented in football as well as academically. He is in form one (first year of high school) in a national school in Siaya county. I am interested in any program that can help harness his football talent as well as developing him holistically. I will be glad if you can provide me with information on how the boy can be assisted.  Hellen from Kenya

My name is Sade Adebayo and I am a freelance editor. I am currently working as a writer on my free time for some local and International blogs and news websites. I've recently visited your site and found it very interesting and well laid out, so I was wondering if you'd be interested in content collaboration. Sade Adebayo, Lagos Nigeria

Trust this finds you well. I am writing personally understanding the importance of your platform and its position within the information space. Please find following a release concerning our new investment by Summit Partners. Would be so glad you could post, otherwise advise how we could achieve this. Afam Anyika from Jumia Nigeria

Excuse me for taking up a minute of yourtime, but I am seeking information to better understand how your
organization endorses the growth of West African football in the bestleagues around the world. I am applying for a Phd position funded by the European
Research Commission entitled "Globalization, Sports.  Gabriel Bonfanti,Villarreal Spain

Helen Chukwueke

Written By: Helen Chukwueke
Helen Chukwueke is the Media Director of Greenhunters Sports International. She has a Bachelor Degree (Bsc) Statistics and has over 6 years experience in Media Planning and Buying. She is also a major contributor in the annual research report: State of New Media Advertising

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