PLAYER MANAGERS IN NIGERIA: Don’t Waste Your Life, Let GreenHunters Manage Your Football Career From Start

In Nigeria, young players aspiring to pursue professional football career usually find themselves in a quagmire. One of the most challenging task for them is to figure out what next to do or the right people to meet that could help them realize their ambitions. It’s so hard to pursue such a career in Nigeria due to lack of professionalism in the country's football system. So  these players keep dreaming of getting better deals abroad and waiting so long for such opportunity to show up.

Another great challenge is to figure out when fraudulent agents or impostors come up with such lofty deals. Perhaps this type of deal sound too good and tempting the way they are presented. For instance, if I told you that the first person to pay $10, 000. I can instantly him at Real Madrid, even without seeing him play. You probably wouldn’t drop everything you are doing to go and break the bank for me. You are smart enough not to believe me.Unfortunately, many aspiring players has fallen victim of such fraudulent deals  and lost a lot money.

One of GreenHunters’ award winning advert says, Dream Football! And let’s make it come through.” But the question is, can GreenHunters Sports International make everyone’s football dreams become reality? Not exactly. You must first of all have real talent and the determination to pursue a football career abroad. Then GreenHunters can ride with you and direct you on how to realize your dreams.

GreenHunters player managers may want to approach it differently. And will want to work with you in all sincerity.

Let Us Test Your Football Potentials
Everyone can kick a ball, but not everyone is talented enough to pursue a football career successfully. The worst thing a person can do is to lie to himself. Invite us and we will carefully assess your talent and recommend the best options for you.

Give Us 2 Years Mandate
For a player we may approve to manage should understand that it is a process and we will require you to give us a mandate (Contract Agreement) to get your career to take off within the next 2 years

There are different options or routes we may want you to follow. Perhaps, you might need to develop your skills further to learn so game intelligence. Therefore, we could send you to the youth team of some top clubs. Or football academy abroad. It depend on how well you have developed your skills already.

We can get you invitation for trials in clubs from Europe, Asia and America. We will also provide you with an experienced agent will represent you in contract negotiations and all the signing procedures

Let Us Manage Your Career Lifetime
We do not stop at helping you sign for a club abroad. We’ll go as far as the player want us to go in managing his career. We could represent you or provide you with professional advice for your public and media relationship.

We could also help negotiate and advice you on which club to move to when you are involved in transfer market operations.

Sign Up With US Today
Stop waiting and wasting your life! Invest in your career and make the right move now. You will be amazed how easy it will become for you to jump start your football career. The choice is yours, but if you are interested in our player management services, click the logo below to sign up.

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