When you watch an event like Nigeria football award on television, you probably aren’t paying too much attention on the officials, coaches and journalists, who select the nominees and indeed, vote for the eventual winners. Unless, of course, you disagree with their choice as concern any of the award winner, then you may want to find out what criteria was used. First, you would want to know if the Officials, the selected coaches and journalists should be the right people to vote in such a national award as this.

Typically, fans are the real consumers of the sport. They’re ones that watch games week in, week out and should be accorded the privilege to vote for the best performers based on their own criteria. Let’s forget about the phrase ‘expert opinion’ as it is called or the fact that NFF officials and journalists are the ones that keep accurate records of what transpired all through the year in focus. However, as it is said, “It’s only the one who eats the pudding can truly tell how it taste.”

Fifa.com has recognized this fact and has severally allowed football fans across the world to vote online. The trend today, in several award events or Reality TV show contests lay credence to the fact that the audience (Consumers of the show) are more justified to choose the contest winners. Why Then hasn’t Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) adopt this voting style. The advantage is that it erases any form of subjective selection of award winners.

 Fans deserve to vote! And if the organizers of Nigeria Football Award wouldn’t give them the chance to exercise their right, then GreenHunters Sports International has decided to provide a platform that can survey the true winners of the awards. The Platform is called Nigeria Fans Vote (NFV Online).

NFV Online has made it open on this blog from September 25th to November 30th 2013. All Nigeria fans can vote during this period. Just click the logo below and in the next 2 minutes or so, you make your choice from the listed nominees in the 5 categories.

I personally felt we should encourage fans to vote. And for participating, we’ll let you have this classic eBook: “Define Your Style.” The eBook will be attached to the email you provide us when you cast your vote.

Star Prize: Everyone that vote also stand the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy 4 Smart Phone. We’ll publish the 3 lucky winners on December 4th 2013 - In the same post that will publish the Award winners. FEEL LUCKY TO VOTE NOW!!

PS: NFV online isn’t meant to discredit NFF Procedure for choosing the award winners, rather it’s meant to give more integrity by comparing it with fans choice.  With the global reach of this blog, we’re hopeful that a wide range of Nigerian football fans across the country as well as the ones in diaspora can vote.

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