AFRICA’S #1 FOOTBALL MARKETING BLOG: Alexa Have No Choice But to Rank This Blog!

Once again, fans and sports business merchants named Cheer On Nigeria, Africa’s number one football marketing blog and you can’t fault that really. May be, you should take some time to read some of the posts – that may convince you too. This is perhaps the most attractive and engaging football blog you have ever read. I’ll tell you what I found out.

This is one blog that engages more of youth at the grassroots across the world. And here in Nigeria, the publisher:  GreenHunters Sports International organizes trial camps and players clinic, to help thousands of young African talents develop and jump start a fledgling football career.

 The Chief Executive Officer, Benson Chukwueke said, “We’ve youths and their guardian reaching us from countries like Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia, Namibia, Uganda… through this blog. We’re usually happy to give them required information and in some cases we send them eBooks that educate them on what to do.”

“In fact, this is one blog that provide several solutions for fans, even to help them make money while enjoying their favorite sports. So you can’t blame them for choosing the blog as #1.”

Businesses like Nike, Soccerex, Box2Box, Lederbroch, Jumia, 1960 Bet, Naija Bet, Lauren… who seek to engage football consumers have all learn to affiliate with this blog, to promote their seminars, tournaments, projects, events, pool, product and services. They’ve found how actively their target audience relates with this blog.

For instance, over 2000 fans have started patronizing 1960 Bet due to a post they read on this blog: “How Nigeria Football Fans Are Making Money Through 1960 bet.” You can’t over look such vintage source that attracts new customers to your business. No newspaper publications or TV advert or even website banner can beat this one.

“Businesses are always coming to negotiate with us on how to promote their next project, event or new products. Some guest bloggers as well as webmasters are also sending us manuscripts and plug-in. They all want to take advantage of Cheer on Nigeria success story.” Chukwueke reveals.

About Alexa Rankings
A commentator who chose to be Anonymous posted on this blog, that some of our claims were lies. We usually don’t get comments on the blog as well as Alexa rankings.

It was a good observation though, because looking at Cheer on Nigeria blog for instance, you may conclude that our claim of active engagements and conversions of our traffic were lies. They’re people seeking for serious information or solutions and prefer to communicate with us through emails or phone calls.

For instance, this post on the blog: “2013 Lagos Trial Camp…” got over 500 players to register for the event across Africa. Over 1000 emails sent to us and an average of 10 calls daily for over 6 months. Alexa will have no choice but to rank a blog like this, with such active engagements and original contents or what do you think?

Well, we can’t make all these stuff up just to get an Alexa ranking. But I can tell you one thing, if you want to get things hooping for your sports related business in Africa, get on this blog (Cheer ON Nigeria).

Written By: Helen Chukwueke
Helen Chukwueke is the Media Director of Greenhunters Sports International. She has a Bachelor Degree (Bsc) Statistics and has over 6 years experience in Media Planning and Buying. She is also a major contributor in the annual research report: State of New Media Advertising

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