2014 FIFA WORLD CUP OPEN UP SEVEN HOT BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA: Get Some Ideas on How to Make Money Next Year!

 If you ask me, I’ll tell you straight away that 2014 is about football and politics in Nigeria. Football will be getting more attention on the first half of the year, then politics will take over.

It’s not like 2010 when fans feel less concern, Nigerians are very optimistic of the chances of their national team at 2014 Fifa World cup in Brazil. Do you know what that means?

Well, it means different thing to different people. While most fans are looking forward to enjoying  all the fun Fifa World cup can bring next year, entrepreneur minded people are already looking out for football related businesses to deliver to fans for profit. These are the people I want to help out in this post. If you’re looking for a simple and low cost football business you can do for huge profit next year, I can give you some good ideas.

Nigeria qualification for 2014 Fifa world cup has opened up lots of opportunities in the country. But I will be sharing seven hot businesses you can do to make money from January next year.

1.      Become A Football Betting Agent: It’s like the in-thing now. More and more football fans in Nigeria are involved in football betting and many more are likely to start betting in 2014 since the world cup promos may expose them to this trend.

There are many betting companies such as 1960Bet, 360Bet, NaijaBet… that you can become their agent and begin to make as much as $3000 per week; that’s if you can get as much as 5000 fans to play with your Agency each week.

2.      Start Short Code/ World Cup Trivial:  Believe me, you can make as much as $4000 per week, if you can start a world cup trivial quiz or puzzles, using SMS short code to get football fans to subscribe.

You can obtain SMS short code from any mobile network – MTN, Etisalat, AirTel – when you convince them of your business plan and as well agree to their terms.

3.      Start A Viewing Center: This business isn’t saturated as most people think. You can still make as much as N10, 000 per match, if you have a 100 capacity center where fans pay N100 each.

You see, as long as electric power supply is still epileptic in Nigeria and fans  still enjoy to gather together to watch football games, then viewing center will continue to be a viable business in the country. Just like restaurant business, all you have to do is to be creative in setting up something that will be attractive to a certain class of people within your business environment.

4.      Start Selling Replica Jersey: World cup sensitization cause more people to become football conscious this period. Football fans like to identify with their favorite teams or countries by purchasing the replica jersey or flags.. If 50 people buy jersey from you each week at N2000 each, then you can make up to N100, 000.

Apart from English Premier League (EPL) jerseys, Super Eagles jersey , mufflers and Nigeria flag can make you lots of profit in 2014.

5.      Start Blogging World Cup: You can easily set up blogger or wordPress blog for free and start blogging about the world cup. Since 2014 is a world cup year, football fans will keep searching the internet for world cup updates. This can draw a lot traffic to your blog.

Bloggers like Linda Ikeji make up to $10,000 per week. Bloggers make money from Advertisers and Affiliate Marketing programs, which depend largely on the number of traffic your blog attracts and engages to action.

6.      Start Printing World Cup Features: Many fans would like to have the world cup fixtures and profiles of all participating national teams in Brazil. Beyond printing fixtures, you could also start printing shopping bags and stickers with pictures of Super Eagles stars placed on them. It’ll be hot sell in the local markets.

7.      Start TV Contents on World Cup : This is more like a million dollar profit business. Well, if you’re a journalist or you have such special skills to produce TV contents, you could start a project on the world cup.

You can sell the content to a TV station or you can get sponsors/ Advertisers to pay for air time in your chosen TV stations and you make lots of profits from the deals.

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