If there’s one thing you will need this Christmas, what will it be?  Well, we all have our different priorities and your guess is as good as mine. But guess what? You can’t beat the trend! You may look some how awkward without a gem this Christmas.

Maybe, you will be coming to Nigeria for Christmas or going down to the village to celebrate with your folks. But don’t travel without this one thing! I’ll let you guess what it is while we make some check list.

You wouldn’t think of sneaking into your home town quietly. Once your folks find out you’re back for Christmas, they’ll come visiting. Perhaps, you may want to upgrade your sitting room a little bit and make look trendy. Do you have the right gadgets – Flat screen TV, Home Theatre, and this one thing that will enable you download the latest films and Christmas events happening live across the world?

What about some choice drinks: Champagne, wine, Brandy, Whiskey…? You know what? You can get some of the best brands at a much discounted price. I’ll tell you how to get what you need during this rush hour.

But think about it, you may be attending weddings, special church services and other social outings like Calabar carnival, traditional events around your village. Do you have the right clothes, Shoes and accessories like Wrist watch, Bangles, Necklace? Do you have this one thing that will put you on top of your game?

Well, most important, you should have an inviting fragrance when you mix up with your folks. Do you have the right Perfume, toiletries like toothpaste, bathing soap or even detergent and dispellers for washing? You got to be on top of your game this Christmas. I am only helping you get ready.

Remember, there will be the Inter-Village football competition and this is where the fun usually starts. Apart from the football games, there are always side attractions. This is where holiday makers gather to show off their flashy cars, clothes and gadgets. You may want to snap some photo shots or video record some funny scenes with the apps on your mobile device.

 This is the one thing you must arm yourself with this Christmas. Don’t travel without a mobile device! This will be a ‘mobile device Christmas!’ Many holiday makers will be showing off their,  i-pad, Galaxy tabs, Joy pad, Walka and some sophisticated Smartphone.  So you may want to add some of your old folks on your Face book DP during this re-union. It’ll also be an opportunity to share and learn something new.

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The 12 days of Christmas is a promo that will run for 12 days with a discount of up to 50% off on items onsite. JUMIA customers can participate and win Gifts every day. Some of the gifts to be won during the JUMIA’s 12days of Christmas include Concert Tickets, Fashion Items, Christmas Hamper, Jumia Shopping Vouchers, Foods Voucher & many more).

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