2014 BIG IDEA: How to Break the Bank with Your Football !

 Well, if you haven’t yet realized it, then it means you aren’t watching the trend. Many more football fans in Nigeria have discovered that you can make cool cash while supporting your favorite teams. So your passion for football isn’t just fun anymore!  While star players like Mikel Obi are hitting it big in Europe, you too can smile to the bank watching the games here in Nigeria.

Mikel obi's Bentley

I can tell you this, if you work smart in 2014, you can begin to match up with the lifestyle of these footballers. You can have your own flashy cars, you can afford to stay in a five star hotel as long as you want’ you can own top designers fashion and you can afford to celebrate with champagne everyday.  I am not talking about squandering your wealth. I mean, this becomes your new level of financial freedom.

Seriously, the big idea in 2014 is this, you can break the bank with your football! As a fan, you should begin to put your football passion to work in this New Year. I’ll tell you why?

 Did you realize that 2014 is a world cup year and Super Eagles will be playing at the mundial? Did you know what that means? It means football will get all the attention and more people are likely to  spend their money on football related matters. It means a lot of opportunity will be open for you in the football market.

Now, football market in Nigeria is large! A country of more than 160 million people, where football is the number one sport., some people say, it’s the only sport in Nigeria. Two out of every three persons you see in the country love this game passionately. Bearing this in mind let me talk about another factor that will be playing out in 2o14.

Did you know how the Internet has changed the way fans respond and enjoy football today? Have you realized how social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are networking the football community? Have you understood how mobile devices have re-shaped the paradigm and made it easier for football fans to make money online?

Mikel Obi's Designers Fashion

2014 is the year FIFA World cup meet with the explosion of mobile devices. This trend today will create tremendous opportunities in this New Year. I can almost hear you ask ‘how?’ I’ll share with you  two quick ideas making the rounds now.

1.        Online Football Betting: The sensitivity of the world cup in this year will attract more football fans to get involved in online football betting. First, you can become an agent to online company like 1960Bet, 360Bet, NaijaBet…

My interaction with one of the 1960Bet agent, Joshua Alabara, in Mushin Lagos said that he make between $2500 to $5000 commission a week.

Beyond being an agent, you could learn how to play and bet in different platforms. We’ll be sending you some unique formulas to help you hit jackpot each month. You may register with us if you want us to be sending you these formulas. Click here to Register

2.      MLM Football Networking:  More people will likely subscribe to football communities online. You can become a member of a network that offers Multi-Level-Marketing opportunities. You can earn a lot of money by getting other people to subscribe into these networks. We’ll be sending you information and links to some of the best MLM football networks. Click here to Register, if you want us to send you such viable links.

This new year will perhaps  be your best year ever! Now your mobile device will become most valuable to you as a tool to launder a lot of cash into your account. I wish you the best this new year!

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