NEW SPORTS CITY IN NIGERIA – With An Olympic Size Stadium Now Ready to Host the World

It can’t be anywhere else than Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. The new sports city designed by former state governor, Victor Atta in 2000,with the intention to attract the hosting rights of major sporting events as the Olympics, Commonwealth  games, FIFA world cup, African Cup of Nations… was in blueprint until Godswill Akpabio assumed office in 2007. Today, Akpabio has brought that dream city into reality. He has succeeded in delivering to his people an Akwa Ibom state they can be proud of.

Indeed, the city of Uyo, the state capital, is a beauty to behold even at night; with street lights, decorative effects and well placed electronic billboards, could give you the feeling that you’re in Paris.

A network of Roads and Good Transportation System:

First thing that will get your attention as you drive into Uyo is the network of well tarred roads and fly-overs connecting major cities outside the state – Port Harcourt, Aba, Umuahia and Calabar. The roads make way for easy entry and exit, in and out of the city. The traffic lights and officers of the Police ensure free flow traffic all the time.

The transport system is so soothing that you may decide to take the government provided mass transit buses. It’s also easy to get  taxi from anywhere in the city. And for a much lower price you could board tricycle as an alternative means of transportation.

 Akwa Ibom airport can land over 10 air planes. It has such a large expanse of land about 50 hectares And from the airport, it could take you only about 15minutes or so to drive into the heart of Uyo; and just  few more minutes to the stadium complex.

A New International Olympics Stadium:

Akwa Ibom International stadium is an ultra modern edifice you may like to see, even under construction.

The stadium complex sitting top a massive 32 hectares of land is all work in progress. It’s a multi facet facilities that includes: a football pitch and tartan track at the main bowl, then tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool etc.

The main bowl is a massive 30, 000 capacity, consisting of a 4 tier terrace seating arrangement, al covered. Then a digital score board, outstation broadcast facilities, computerized press conference center…

You will also find coffee shop, cyber café, restaurants, banquet hall, sports shops, pharmacy and a medical center at different locations at the stadium complex. All these will be completed and ready for use later this year 2014.

More Hotels and Accommodations:

 Akwa ibom state is designed to take in an extra half a million visitors at anytime. Perhaps, it’s one of the states in Nigeria that has the highest number of hotels and accommodations; over 105 hotels as recorded by Nigeria hotels publications.

You could decide to stay at five star hotel as La meridian Ibom hotel and golf resort, Davok suites, Daaty hotel, De castle luxury home and suites. You may also choose a four or three star hotels like Majesty Realms, Eemjm hotels, Entry point hotel and suites, Francines place, Kevino white guest house, Monty suites, just to mention a few.

Hospitable People of Akwa Ibom:
Hospitality is the custom of Akwa Ibom and an average person in Uyo would go out of his or her to make sure a visitor is comfortable and succeeds in the business that brought him or her to the city.

Uyo city is a habitant of fun lovers with restaurants, drinking bars, eatries lavishly serving their customers into late nights and their ladies very tempting. Though, there is this warning to all visitors: ‘Be careful of the pamper or you may never leave Uyo anymore!’

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