MIKEL OBI’S SEXY PHOTOS: Gives You Much to Cheer About This Valentine Season

Camera doesn’t tell lies! This is your boy, John Mikel Obi, having a bobtail.  I know this isn’t the kind of photos you may want your daddy to see, especially if you’re still under his care. It would surely affect your pocket money or even your school fees for that matter. But Mikel is a ‘man’ now!

Though he’s still young, the Nigeria International football star earns thousands of pounds every week playing for Chelsea football club. As you all know, behind every successful man there’s always a woman. Perhaps, this may be the reason many of his fans want to know who the lucky one is.

Some soft sell publications may have taken advantage of such fans interest to conjure headlines like: ‘Mikel Obi’s Secret Wedding,’ ‘Mikel Play Games with Childhood Girl friend…’ Well, that’s how it is with big stars, people insinuate many things.

We usually don’t post stories that may look like a gossip nor like we are some Paparazzi trying to snoop into someone’s privacy. But I saw these photos at 247 Naija.com and I felt I should share it with our fans, to give them something to cheer about this Valentine Season.

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This may be the luck girl behind the Nigerian star. Obviously, judging from the photos you may agree with 247Naija.com that she is Mikel’s girl friend. I hope we aren’t revealing anything secret if there’s another one.

Olga Diyachenko is such an excited young lady with a look fit to be the next Russian Model. And our boy is ‘madly’ in love. He proudly flaunts her photos for anyone who cares to see.

This is our Valentine bum! I hope you have someone who gets you so excited too like our Mikel. I mean your own val, someone you’re happy to spend time with this season.

But I know we both have one love – Our love for football! It keeps our days so exciting that we can’t just imagine a world without  this beautiful game. So if you don’t have anyone to spend the day with, just go out and watch a football match.

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