SUPER EAGLES ACTIVE FANS: Be Identified for the Big-Big Win!

I guess you see yourself as Super Eagles fan that is why you decided to click on this post to see what is in it for you. I can tell you a lot if you register to be identified. For just few week this was up over 5000 fans has registered and I don’t think you would want to be left out. Click Here to Register

Why Super Eagle Active Fans Registration?

2014 is another world cup year and this time is different. Nigeria football fans are really excited about their National team and we all know why.

The successes of Super Eagles in 2013 were awesome. The Nigeria national team won virtually every competition it participated in last year, except for the Confederations cup. Nigeria won AFCON and Mandela Challenge trophy. It qualified for FIFA world cup and African Nations Championship (CHAN) for the first time.

For once, fans are beginning to actively participate in cheering and supporting their national team. The excitement is alive since Super Eagles could square up in ‘Grade A’ friendly games with the likes of Mexico, Italy… fans are beginning to believe in the team. Super Eagles has shown it could hold its own at the world cup in Brazil come June.

Corporate organizations as well as sport marketers across the world are aware of this new excitement and would want to take advantage of it. Si there would be a lot of offers directed at Nigerian fans. This is the reason you should position yourself as a ‘Super Eagles Active Fan.’ So you can benefit from these offers.

How Can Your Registration Benefit You

Cooperative Bargaining: Our coming together as Super Eagles Active Fans will give us the cooperative strength of large numbers, to bargain for exclusive discounts from most of the offers these corporate brands will be making to fans. It means that while other customers may be paying a price, subscribers of Super Eagles Active fans will get the same offer at a much lower price.

Exclusive Information: You’ll be privileged to get some exclusive information that may not be available to the public media – exclusive promos, Lottery, Sale promotions etc. Inside information about our players, Coaches, NFF, world cup updates etc. You can only register to understand the kind of in-depth and detailed information will be receiving.

Mobilization of Fans: It’ll be easier to mobilize subscribers of Super Eagles Active Fans. You can be called to action or reaction on matters concerning your national team. We have a voice; collectively, we must be heard by NFF, CAF, FIFA or other wise.

This is the reason we are taking up this project at GreenHunters Sports International. We believe collectively we can do more and enjoy more as Super Eagles Active Fans. Let us add you now.  

You stand a chance to win the New Super Eagles Jersey!

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