2014 PLAYERS CLINIC IN NIGERIA: For 100 Women Footballers Only!

Women football may not be as popular as the Men football in Nigeria and most parents may not know that it’s easier for young talented girls to gain admission to study in some of the popular colleges and universities in the United States. And if your girl is really good, it’s also easier for her to sign a contract with a professional club not only in USA but in some major countries in Europe.

In recognition of this fact, GreenHunters Sports International is making a move to get young talented girls off the streets and empower them through this avenue. The sports Marketing and Management Company in Nigeria have decided to organize players’ clinic for young women footballers in Nigeria between the ages of 14 to 18 years. The players will be trained for 2 weeks on ball intelligence and techniques. Click here to Register

Keith Boanas

Keith Boanas, an expert in women youth development and an assistant coach at First ladies in USA have been invited to Nigeria for the players clinic sometime in June or July.

Frank Urefe
Frank urefe, an Author and Sport consultant, who has helped hundreds of young girls gain scholarship admissions in colleges and universities in USA, Canada and some major countries in Europe, have also been invited for the players clinic.

Only 100 players will participate in this maiden edition, so be quick to register now.

The participants will be taking away 3 major things from the program:
    Skill Development: Keith Steves will be training the girls on modern football techniques and how to read the game. So the girls can learn how to make major moves, how to shoot accurately, ball control, visionary passes, how to become an effective team player etc.

2.      Video Clips: The player’s clinic will be recorded on DVD as part of the take away package for participants. With the video in your hand, you can re-live every moment of the training program again and again.

It could also serve as a video clips for you, to send to schools or clubs that you may want to invite you for trials in future.

3.      Selection for Scholarship: Frank Urefe will be selecting some of the girls that impress during the 3 weeks training program. The selected girls may be offered study scholarship or opportunity to jump starts a professional football career in USA or Canada.

This may be your chance; the opportunity you have been waiting for. Remember, Only 100 girls can participate on this maiden edition. So if you are interested quickly register now, and more details will be sent to you. Click here to Register Now!

Warning: This program is for women footballers only! There’s no need for male footballers to register because you would not be allowed to participate!

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