After Ben Alaya, Media Officer of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) confirmed the fixtures of 3 International Friendly games; fans began to react over the choice of countries and the entire Super Eagles preparation strategy for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Today, Wednesday March 5, Super Eagles will be playing its first International match with Mexico in Olympic Stadium Atlanta USA; on May 28, Nigeria will then play Scotland in Fulham’s Craven Cottage England; and take on USA national team on June 7, at Everbank Field, Jacksonville, Florida USA and Nigeria fans wonder if these international friendly are the best for their national team. 

Fixture Of Nigeria International Friendly
March 5, 2014            Nigeria Vs Mexico      Olympic Stadium Atlanta USA
May 28, 2014             Nigeria Vs Scotland     Fulham Craven Cottage England
June 7, 2014              USA Vs Nigeria            Everbank Field Jacksonville, Florida USA

Nigeria Fans Reaction
Tunde: “Taken at Face value, playing Mexico, Scotland and USA national teams may not contribute much to the build up of Super Eagles team ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Why? Nigeria is scheduled to play Argentina – a South American team; Bosnia – a European Scandinavian team and Iran – an Asian team in the group stage of the world cup. So it doesn’t make much sense to me why Super Eagles should be playing a Scottish and North American teams in preparation of the mundial.”

Mathew: “The target for any team in Brazil is to win the world cup, period! Any coach asking for a different target short of becoming champion of the world shouldn’t be at the mundial. If Nigeria can’t win the world cup, then we have no business going to Brazil. That’s why I think NFF should strategically select the right countries for International Friendly games.”

While Cameroun is playing countries like Portugal, Germany; and Ghana playing Spain, Brazil; Nigeria choose to play outsiders like Mexico, Scotland and USA. That gives me the idea that Nigeria isn’t planning to win the world cup at all.”

James: “Strategically speaking, Super Eagles should be planning how to beat the current world champions –Spain; Confederations cup Champions and host – Brazil and then Germany. If you have been following world football and how German clubs, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund dominated UEFA Champions league last year 2013 and many pundits have predicted that Germany may likely be the next world champions. NFF should have schedule international friendly games with countries like these to strengthen Super Eagles game plan,”

Although, Alaya said there is still possibility of getting one or two more friendly games before the world cup proper. But we would like to know your own opinion regarding the already scheduled International friendly and the Super Eagles entire world cup preparation plans and strategies.

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