ONLINE MONEY MAKING TIP: How Interactive Football Fans Get Richer On This Blog

 As you may have heard already, Yusuf Bamidele won US$50, 000 on 1960bet. It was a story of another 'Slum dog Millionaire.' Bamdele was just another street boy; a Chelsea fan in Bariga Lagos. And while browsed his mobile phone he stumbled upon a blog post: "HowFootball Fans in Nigeria Are making Money through 1960bet."

Curiously, he read the post on this blog and became interested, but doesn't know a thing about football betting online. So he decided to post a comment below the post: "I would like to bet, but don't know how." Hoping the blog writer will respond and show him what to do.

But it wasn't the blog writer; it was other readers that replied him through their comments. And as it happened one of the commentators gave him a winning formula, which Bamdele applied while staking and today, he's become a millionaire with over N80 million in his account. Wow!

The truth is the blogger doesn't know everything. Your comments could spark off interactions below a blog post that could give you richer information on the topic of your interest. You should also be willing to add valuable tips apart from the ones the blogger had already posted. So, be in the habit of posting a comment on this blog. And you know what. Your comments could even stop the blogger from miss-leading the readers. If you have superior information, you could use your comments help clear up some grey areas on the blog post.

There's another case of Edward Abulu from Abuja, who read a post on this blog titled: "IFLNETWORK: How You Can Make Up to US$39, 050." In this post, I stated that IFL network already had over 60, 000 members, but Abulu posted a comment to challenge it: "It's a lie! You hardly get any comment on your blog, so what's the proof that you got over 60, 000 membership base on your network."

Well, I went on to prove to him that I wasn't just boasting or making empty promises on the blog post. I sent him a link where he clicked and studied some activities of the network. Guess what? He had no choice but to quickly pay US$100 to join. And at the moment he makes US$39, 000 in every two months or so.

Kelechi Okoli from Aba, called me on phone to thank me for the bet365 formula I posted on this blog. He said it worked well for him. "I've been loosing money on football betting until I came across your blog post: 'Bet365 MONEY MAKING FORMULA: A SureBet for Football Fans in Nigeria.' Since then have been winning every week. Though, the amount isn't that large, but it's been encouraging for me." I asked Kelechi to post a comment below the blog post, testifying of how the formula has worked for him. Though, he hasn't done that yet.

I know most fans of this blog prefer to send their message to me directly through the contact form below, telephone or live chat, because you prefer a private answer to your enquiries. That's alright, I understand how you feel about public statements or enquiries, but you see, only you can benefit from such private discussion sessions with me and you will be limited to only the information I could give to you without other readers contributing to make it richer. That isn't the idea for social media platforms like this blog.

Moreover, without significant number of comments from you, this blog may not rank well in Alexa. So, if you appreciate all the relevant tips that we have been posting on this blog, Then begin to post a comment from today and also let your friends know about this blog - Spread it on!


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