There is only one way to describe the massive responses we get on this blog these days. As Alex Nwani put it, “Thanks a million.”

In 2007, most people would have thought that the blog was something you’d find in a Rubbish Unlimited webpage – Junk!  Few football fans in Nigeria may have heard about the blog then and wondered if it had anything better as or even kick off Nigeria. There is thousands of people blogging Nigerian football out there on the Internet, so why would anyone bother to read cheer on Nigeria posts?

Ironically, what gets the attention of visitors first is the name. According to Jide Ofor, a regular reader of the blog, “From the outset, the name , Cheer on Nigeria,’ gives you the idea of what to expect – the design of cheering Nigerian fans and the in-depth information promoting our country’s football achievements makes you feel good as a Nigerian.”

Well, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. Perhaps, you may get the coax after you might have read some of these success stories.

In November 2013, we published a sponsored post: ‘How Nigerian Football Fans are making money through 1960bet.’ Over 50, 000 visitors have viewed the article and 42,326 of them clicked on the link to 1960bet website. We have received 33, 221 inquiries and got 21, 626 thank you messages from fans who either became 1969bet agents or won money from the online sports betting website.

A young footballer, Hadi Aliu from Okenne Kwara State, wrote us an appreciation email: “Thank you sir. I feel I owe you something after the information I got from your blog, 10 World Class Football Academies in Nigeria, inspired me to make a move. I am proud to tell you that I have been given admission into Kwara State Football Academy. Thank you sir and may God Bless you for the good work you are doing.

Gabriel Bonfanti, a post graduate student studying Sport Marketing management in Colorado University Chicago USA, used the blog articles as resource materials for his research project on West African Football Development. He wrote us several mails asking us to help him expound some of the data we gave in some of our posts. So we had to send him some of our eBook to support his work. You can imagine how thankful he was when he completed the project. He personally wrote me something more like a ‘love letter.’

Cheer on Nigeria blog is becomes a standard marketing tool for sport organizations and brands in Nigeria. Marketing executives targeting to reach Nigerian football fans across the world are more convinced that all of them visit this blog regularly to get review, in-depth information and uncommon football solutions.

It’s now easier for sport organizations to publish a sponsored post on the blog and get all the responses they require. Top brands like Adidas, Bet365, Soccerex, National Sports Festival, Jumia Online Retailers, and Perfect Sports Wears have all posted successful advertorials on the blog. And they’d send us kudos .

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