NIGERIA’S 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP MATCH FIXTURES: See Date, Time, Host City Weather, Stadium Capacity...

Nigeria’s first two games at 2014 FIFA World cup may not attract much attendance. But if Super Eagles do well in their match against IRAN and Bosnia, then the final game against Argentina may become a ‘star game.’

As we take a look at the Group F Fixtures, we try to find out kick off in Nigeria time, Host cities and weather, Stadium capacity and possible attendance and support for the Nigerian side.

Iran   Vs      Nigeria
Date: 16 June 2014
Time: 20:00 GMT+ (8pm)
Stadium Capacity: Arena da Baixada 25,272
Host City/ Weather: Curitiba Winter is cooler with brief occurrence of snow, average 18°C / 64°F to 20°C / 68°F. May not be favorable for Nigerian players, although most of the team members play in Europe may be use to the weather.
Nigerians Living in Curitiba: Estimated 8, 000
Iranians living in Curitiba: 3, 000
Expected Attendance: The Arena may be half full, with more support for the Nigerian team.

Nigeria       Vs      Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date: 21 June 2014
Time: 23:00 GMT+ (11pm)
Stadium Capacity: Arena Pantanal, 42,968
Host City/ Weather: Cuiaba Summer is humid with light rain shower but may be even hotter around 21 June, Average 23 °C / 73.4 °F to 24 °C / 84.4 °F. May favor the Nigerian side.
Nigerians Living in Cuiaba: Estimated 9, 500,
Bosnians living in Cuiaba: Estimated 5, 200
Expected Attendance: Stadium may be a quarter full with more support for the Nigerian side, because the city has more indigenous population of African origins.

Nigeria       Vs      Argentina (Star Game)
Date: 25 June 2014
Time: 17:00 GMT+ (5pm)
Stadium Capacity: Estadio Beira-Rio 56,000
Host City/ Weather: Porto Alegre Summer is humid temperate climate, no dry season. The month of June is characterized by gradually falling daily high temperatures, with daily highs around 68°F throughout the month, exceeding 80°F or dropping below 57°F only one day in ten. May favor both teams.
Nigerians Living in Porto Alegre: Estimated 6, 700
Argentines living in Porto Alegre :Estimated 306, 000
Expected Attendance: Stadium may be full to capacity, with more fans traveling down from Sao Paulo to see the game. However, it will more of Argentine Support.

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