Today, Thursday 12th June at the Arena Corinthians, São Paulo will see the most eagerly anticipated World Cup in history begin; creating the biggest Thursday night football has ever seen. 

It may also mark a turning point n your life. You can become a million by July 13 after the FOOTBALL FESTIVAL come to a close in Brazil.

Well, it depends on your knowledge of football and how you can manage a team, read a game and predict what’s going to happen as you watch each match of the world cup.

Register now at Pick Live Nigeria to play the world’s first live fantasy football manager game online. So you don’t have to argue with your friends or fellow fans for nothing anymore. Pick Live Nigeria is revolutionizing the way football passion goes. Now you can start predicting what you envisage will happen in a match you are watching – that’s your road to becoming a millionaire in the next one month. Click Here to Register Now!

For instance, after you may have registered on the website, you may decide to play now in the first match between Brazil v Croatia: Then, hand on with your Smartphone or laptop connected to the internet as you watch on television, you can get busy.

  • First, you can predict the starting line-up for both team and if you get it right you win.
  • Predict the best 5 players in the match
  • Predict substitutions during the match – who replaces who?
  • Predict who receives Yellow card or Red Card during the game.

And for each of these expected outcomes you play, the counter records the exact time of your predictions to compare it with the actual time the outcome occurred.

This is in fact the most transparent game online, because you can instantly track the results. You can follow online how Optima Live rate each player during a match:

  • How many passes completed by each player
  • How many good tackles and ball won by each player
  • How many assists from each player
  • How many goals scored by each player.

All these variables are weighed by some given points. The five players with highest cumulative points, emerges as the five best players in the match

The Leaderboard on Pick Live Nigeria website updates every two minutes, so you can view winners immediately after the live match.

You can also pick up a copy of ‘The Guardian’ newspapers everyday to read the results and winners.

The most exciting part of it is this; winners are paid automatically into the bank account provided during registration. So you don’t have to take any further action when you win. May just smile to the bank. Unless, of-course, you have any objections or complaints, then you can contact the customer service department.

So what are you waiting for, you can start playing now online using your Naira Debit Card or you can purchase a Scratch Card as low as N100. You can purchase bulk Scratch cards at discounted price, so you can resell to your friends and fellow fans.

Therefore, challenge your friends, challenge other football loving Nigerians to play, that’s if they have what it takes to be a football manager, then 2014 World cup may become a great milestone in their lives as they play Pick Live Fantasy football manager’s competition.

Now, if you are interested in in purchasing Scratch Cards, you can  call: +234 803 861 5312 or +234 809 877 2556. Email: for further enquiries.

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