10 Football Players for Eastern Europe | You’ve Got January 5 to Sign Up For This

This is for football players who are finally ready to kick start their career and urgently need a club to sign them in 2015. We have some openings in Eastern Europe and Asia. But only 10 Players can be given the opportunity to work with us this year.

We will offer them opportunity to try out in several clubs in Turkey, Moldova, Azerbaijan, China and Thailand. But the selected players must be able to pay their travel expenses – Flight ticket, Hotel Accommodation, Feeding and perhaps, internal transportation, though not in all cases.

Players who can raise the fund and ready to travel at a very short notice is what we require for this project.  Of-course, you should have obtained the basic documents - your International Passport, CV and Medical clearance certificate; your video clips will be an added advantage.

Players under parental guidance shouldn’t sign up for this. We may not have the time to go persuading your parents to fund your trip, except in special cases. Therefore, if you don’t have a ready sponsor now, you shouldn’t bother to sign up.

We want to attain significant success in 2015, that’s the reason we decided to work with selected few - players who are serious, something close to desperation to get a club abroad. I can assure you, we will go the extra mile for you. And if you are good, we’ll help you get a club this year!

In the previous year, we worked with some players who weren’t that ready and we wasted a lot of opportunities. Some of the players didn’t have the fund, some weren’t fit to go for trials, and even some didn’t have an International Passport. So we watched in frustration as our hard earned Invitation letters for trials expired in our hands. It’s sad really! And we will try as much as possible to prevent such occurrence in 2015.

We already have some players’ pen down for the project, players that showed some form of seriousness in our previous dealing with them. However, other players can have their chance if they meet the criteria.

One more important information: you will be required to sign our ‘Mandate Agreement’ and our consideration fees paid before we can start working with you.

First, call us +234 809 877 2556 and we will schedule a telephone interview with you. Remember, we’ve got only January 5, 2015 to conclude sign up of the 10 players required for the project.

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