Your Football Career Dreams | What You Can Do About it in 2015

Just a twinkle of an eye, 2015 will also come to pass just the way 2014 will draw to a close in few days; and your football career dreams may be fading away, if you don’t break the shackle and come out of your shell now.

Will you continue to dream or will you take some bold steps in 2015 to bring your football career dreams to reality? The fact is, nothing is going to change if you don’t change what you are doing currently without significant success. Don’t operate the law of madness – ‘doing the same thing and expecting a different result.’ It doesn’t work like that!

Do what it takes to succeed and bring your football career dreams to reality. Take the risk! Pay the price to move forward and upward in your chosen career. You should plan to take a giant stride in 2015.

All footballers ain’t in the same level of development, but you can determine where you are now and what you should be doing in 2015 to move toward your ultimate goal in future. For instance, if you are a young talented footballer still playing on the street or with a ‘boys club.’ You should plan to join a well structured Academy in 2015 – where you can get proper training and exposure. Checkout the list of some of the best football academy in Nigeria.

But if you are already playing in an Amateur league or just graduated from the academy, then you should be looking at jump starting a professional football career in 2015. How can you get a club to employ your services as a footballer? How can you get the attention of scouts and agents that can introduce you to clubs – for trials?

This is what you should do in 2015:
  • Get a sport marketing person or organization that will take up the job of promoting your skills, while you concentrate on training and keeping fit. GreenHunters Sports International is ready to work with you – to manage and promote your talent to scouts , Agents and Clubs around the world.

  • Plan to attend a trial camp, especially those organized in Europe or the U.S. It is your chance to get the attention of Scouts and Agents that can introduce you to clubs.

    Trial camps are paid for and if you have the funds, GreenHunters Sports     International can help you do all the correspondence, so you can attend some of the best trial camps in the world.

Your ultimate goal is to get a club, so attending ‘Club trials' is preferred. GreenHunters Sports International can collaborate with Scouts and Agents in it’s network to get you trials from clubs across the world. You may decide to work with us. Contact us immediately. Call: +234 809 877 3556

The difference between a success and a failure is, a success make moves, take steps and actions toward their goal, but a failure fold his hands and keep on dreaming.

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