How to Attract Everyone to Your Village Football Competition this Christmas – Get Viral Online

 You can break out a huge holiday fun by attracting everyone to your village football competition this Christmas. How can you do this and make your village football competition talk of the town.

Well, I’ll tell you how. This days, almost everyone has a Smart Phone that is connected to the Internet. The few who don’t have smart Phones, may have Cell Phones with SMS functionality.  These tools makes easy to promote your village tournament online.

To reach all your native folks residing in different places around the world and to get them to travel all the way down to the village, you need to entice them a little and make them feel they will be missing a lot if they don’t  holiday in the village this Christmas.

Write an Attractive Blog Post: Create a good content about your Village football tournament. Talk about the star players that will be participating in this year’s edition. Talk about the special guests – use popular football stars or some celebrities.

Nollywood Celebrities: Chinedu, Osita, & Mr.Ibu graced  Obizi Village football competition

 Talk about the tourist attractions, popular dance or masquerade performances, special events that will go on in the village during this period that will complement the football matches to give holiday makers maximum load of fun.

Write all the match fixtures, mention all the improvements and changes made for this year’s edition.

Create a content that is attractive, has a lot of information and valuable to the readers. Give your native folks something to talk about and share with friends. Don’t worry about giving too much information away. This is what will persuade them to start making plans for their trip down to the village.

Tell Everyone you know:  Once you’ve created a blog post that will impress, send the link to all the native folks you can reach via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can think of.

Tell them your goal for posting the blog content about the village football competition and ask for their feed back via email or better still, comment on the box below the post.

Ask them to help spread the news by forwarding the link to other native folks and friends you couldn’t reach.

Go Viral Posting on Popular Blogs: Invest on promoting your content on popular and engaging blogs. Find Football blogs like this one (Cheer on Nigeria) or a lifestyle blog like ‘Linda Ikeji’s Blog.’ These kind of blogs have large daily traffic because of their popularity in Nigeria and around the world.

Write the publishers of the blogs and request for guest posting. Otherwise, negotiate a sponsored post. It means you will be required to pay before your content can be published on these blogs.

If the Popular blogs agree to publish your content, be sure your village football competition will go viral (go around the world and become popular too). You may never tell how many holiday makers from neighboring villages and towns that could read the post on ‘Cheer on Nigeria’ or ‘Linda Ikeji’s Blog’and because of the information they got will attend your village football matches this Christmas.

One more thing, Popular blogs are networked to other blogs. For instance, a publication on Cheer On Nigeria also appears on Bloggers, Jara, Diggs websites. Your content can be spin many times to reach more and more readers across the world.

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