Is this the Sexiest Valentine’s Gift for Football Fans?| Bulging Cristiano Ronaldo’s Underwear – for Ladies’ Eyes Only

“Ladies love to see it bulge from Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 underwear. So if you want to turn-on your girl friend or wife this Valentine’s day. Just put on the underwear topless, showing off your bare chest and muscles, and let it bulge-out down below.”

Is your boy friend a football fan and you are looking for a nice gift that will appeal to him this Valentine? ‘Go sexy’ by getting him the Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Underwear.  It’s hot in the market now!

Underwear is big hitter in the traditional Valentine’s gift list and now football stars are muscling into the market. Experts say if Ronaldo wins the Ballon d’Or as world footballer of the year on January 12, the CR7 underwear will become the market spinner this valentine - Estimated to sell over a 100 million pairs by the end of February 2015.

The beauty of Ronaldo’s brand is that he cut across quite a large demographic, but core audience [for the CR7 Range] is football fans who aspire to Ronaldo’s look and image. The Age range is mainly 18 – 24 years old and slightly older.

Ronaldo’s luxury trunk cost $36 a pair with briefs priced at $30. But he also stock a basic line where trunks are $30 and Briefs $17. Check it out on  
Cristiano Ronaldo's CR7 Underwear Range

You can buy and it’s delivered to your door step here in Nigeria. You can as well schedule delivery time if you want to create a ‘surprise gift package’ for loved one.

Ronaldo isn’t the only football star that has underwear brand. Colombian world cup star James Rodriguez, who was voted as the ‘world’s sexiest man’ in 2014 by Spain’s ‘People’ Magazine, became the latest footballer to tackle branded underwear. He launched his 10 collection for Bronzini last November and posing semi-naked to show off the goods on offer.
James Rodriguez Underwear

David Beckham’s hot pants hit high streets in close to 40 countries, when the former LA Galaxy and Manchester United Maestro teamed up with Swedish fashion store H&M in 2012.

But why do footballers choose to branch out their brand in the most intimate way? For some of the major players, it’s a natural extension of their individual brand and masculinity.  It isn’t the money. It isn’t about greed but about making the most of their true value over the short period of their career.

The aesthetic allure of Ronaldo, Rodriguez and Beckham is an undeniable factor in why their underwear packs a punch.

Underwear is an everyday purchase and wearing the right underwear has seen it become something of a lifestyle and fans want to be such closely intimate with their favorite football star.  Then if ladies love to see their lover bulging out from the underwear – that’s a added advantage.

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