“Whoa!” 1960Bet Got over 35, 000 New ‘Stakers’ through Referrals from this Blog | Read this if Your Target Market is Nigerian Football Fans!

How thankful will you be if this blog refers over 35,000 new customers to your business in just few months? This is exactly what we did for 1960Bet and made it one of the preferred brands among other bookmakers in Nigeria.

Did you know how we did it?  By simply writing just one advertorial post on this blog and anyone visitor that read it showed interest in the game. As I write this testimonial, the post is still referring fans and I don’t know if it will ever stop.

I get over a hundred calls each day and several emails from fans making inquiry on how to start staking on 1960Bet. Maybe, you should read the post yourself:

I am not saying the post is extraordinarily appealing, but it does appeal to football fans that always visit this blog.

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Well, if this same post was published on a lifestyle or technology blog, it would have been lost. Folks that visit such blogs probably won’t notice the post. What I’m saying is this; get your message in front of the people who are interested in your sports product or service. Then, give them the detail they crave.

The blog is all about Nigerian football. We reach both fans resident in the country as well as Diaspora.  About 65% of the fans visit from Nigeria, USA and UK. But we have visitors come from over 150 countries across the world – Age range from 18 – 55 years old. The blog record a regular 2,000 page view with about 750 unique visitors daily. So there’s the probability that over 25, 000 unique visitors would see the post in one month. The blog conversion rate is so high.

We found out that Advertorial post (Sponsored post) is better than Banner or text Ads, because it offers a lot more information that will help readers make positive decisions toward your sports related product.

Banner and Text Ads are priced CPM per month, but for onetime payment, your sponsored post will remain evergreen on this blog. And if your post is well written, it could keep referring visitors to your website or your sales page as long as the blog exist, unless it this deliberately deleted.  

Contact us if you are interested in running an Sponsored post on this blog.

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