“Africa’s Sleeping Giant” e-Report on Sports Business Potentials in Nigeria | Free on Request, to Mark 8th Anniversary of our Company

“There’s Sports Interest and demand yearning to be Filled in Nigeria” – Benson Chukwueke,
Over the last 8 years, GreenHunters Sports International has been a catalyst of change in the football industry in Nigeria. It has extended its reach further across the world, taking its services to millions of people – “Touching lives, fulfilling dream and inspiring the world with football possibilities.”

Today, the company located in Ikeja area, Lagos Nigeria is now seen as more than a Sport Marketing and Management consult, but as a football outreach that has networked over 500, 000 fans through its IFL Network.

 GreenHunters has been in the frontrunner of propagating and delivering football social responsibility. Using its materials: eBooks, step by step guides, inspirational blogs and events to impact over 100, 000 grassroots footballers in Africa and has empowered over 10, 000 youth in Nigeria through its ‘GreenBall trial Camps’ and ‘Take your passion to the Bank’ initiatives.

“Well, it gives us the idea that we are already fulfilling our purpose.” Said Helen Chukwueke, Media Director of the company

”Our impact in the football industry these past 8 years has been phenomenal and it has won us close associates. We’ve been able to attract everyone’s attention: Forbes, BBC Africa, CNN Sports among other media organizations.

We are vitally connected to some of the world’s biggest football business players and we share resources with organizations like Soccerex, Sports Business International, Soccer University…

We’ve had to collaborate with other key players in the industry across the world to deliver some of our services. We’ve worked with Total Soccer Method (TSM) Netherlands; Lederrox Spain; Box2Box UK…

We’re elated that all these world class companies believe in what we can do and deliver from this part of the world. We’re saying thank you to all our fans, Client and resource partners. Without you, it may have been impossible to achieve all these.

Anyway, there’s an e-Report we got from Sport Business International, titled: “Africa’s Sleeping Giant.” It is a very rich exposé on the Sport Business potentials in Nigeria.

We’re giving it out as a free gift to mark our 8th Anniversary. We will attach it on PDF Document to the email of anyone that request for it. Click the button below to make your request. 


GreenHunters Sports International, Since March 15, 2007

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