Identify the Persons in this Photograph and WIN? | Tips: 2 Nigerian Youngster that can shake the World this Year

 I saw this photograph at Complete Sports Online and it caught my attention.  Could you please identify the persons? The photograph looks like the kind you find in a teenager’s album. Perhaps, it was a snapshot with a classmate or an admirer in high school.

Looking at the quality of the picture, it wasn’t taken by a professional or from a high dissolution (HD) camera. It may be from a phone’s camera, if you consider the posture of the images, or less quality digital camera. Perhaps, it was taken by one of these local photographers that hawk their trade at occasions and events.

The young lady on the photograph looks a little bit on the small size or was it the guy that dwarfed her? The guy could above 6ft tall.

I guess the guy is Taiwo Awoniyi, Nigeria’s rising young striker, who plays for both the U20 and U23 national teams simultaneously. But then, who is the young lady by his side? It could be his twin sister – Kehinde or a girlfriend of his in secondary school.

I doubt the young lady is Asisat Oshoala, the best African woman footballer of the year, who now ply her trade with Liverpool. Shoala is about 5ft 11inches tall and couldn’t have looked so smallish before Awoniyi. But a closer look at the pin up crest on their chest shows that both youngsters in the photo may have just received a national honor.

Let us compare with another photo of Asisat and see how it matches up.

 Truly, Oshoala isn’t as big as I thought. Awoniyi may have stood like a giant before her. The persons in the photo are likely to be Oshoala and Awoniyi, after both received award at ASO Rock (Presidential Villa) last year. May be, they bump into each other and decided to snap a photograph.

It is good for the records, because both Awoniyi and Oshoala are in good form to shake the world this year.

Awoniyi is scoring goals like mad and had already won two awards this year – as MVP at Super 6 Tournament in February and as second highest goal scorer at CAF U20 Championship. 

Awoniyi is ready to stun the world with his exceptional football skills and goal scoring prowess at the FIFA U20 coming up in New Zealand by May.

All eyes will be on Oshoala when Super Falcons play at FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada by June this year. Both Awoniyi and Oshoala may also be participating in the ‘All African Games in Congo.

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