Wife Whose Husband is a Football Fan-atic in Nigeria | Tips on How to Cope with His Habit and Excesses

 How on earth did you get stuck with a fan-atic, when you don’t even like the game of football? You easily get so irritated by those unguided habits of your husband and it’s getting on your nerves. Every time football, football, football! Haba! Where did you find this addict?

Don’t mind me. I’m only pulling your legs, I know most Nigerian men love football and they are everywhere. They are Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, traders, Mechanics, Okada Riders… They cut across every profession. 

I can imagine how you felt when you found out for the first time. You knew your husband as that cool banker with very polished manners, until you saw him after your wedding, jumping about in celebration of a goal or arguing to a fighting point with a meat seller at nearby viewing center and you wondered at him. Was it similar to your case?

 The worst mistake you will ever make is to keep criticizing your husband’s football habits or trying to stop him from such devotion toward the sport.

I read a man threw his wife off the rail, from the height of a two storey building, for making jest of him when his favorite team, was it Chelsea, lost to PSG in a recent UEFA Champions league match. It can get worst than that and you rather don’t take a ‘soccer punch!’ Ok, it’s called sucker punch.


 The smart thing to do is decide to keep enjoying your marriage and we want to help you achieve just that, by giving you tips on how to cope with your husband’s football excesses.

If your husband is the understanding type, then you can control his public outbursts by getting him to install a satellite decoder and always stay back home to watch the match on TV. You can support him by showing interest in the game. Most football fans love to watch football match where they can interact (argue) with fellow fans.

Well, the tip could be counterproductive, if you  are that kind of wife that will come in a middle of a cup finals, demanding to change the TV channel to African Magic or if you are a football dummy.

Men get easily irritated when they find out that their wife don’t know a jack about the rules of the game. If you don’t even know that the game is played eleven-a-side or the difference between red card and yellow card, you better allow your husband go to the viewing center.

A smart wife will quickly go to a nearby sport shop and purchase a Chelsea Jersey for herself. I know most football fans in Nigeria support Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Begin to show interest in the team your husband support.

The truth is, if you get better at it you will be more fun at home. Your husband may even decide taking you out to a more decent sports bar and together, two of you can enjoy the evening over a match and perhaps, with a drink.

Well, your case may be different. It may be you don’t like the game at all and can’t even stand watching it on TV – so boring. Then let your husband alone. Find a way to occupy yourself with something more interesting to you. It could just be the right time to finish some house chores or to start preparing for tomorrow’s work. Don’t start quarrel when the match end late and your husband had to come back home after mid-night.

A smart wife would rather seek to know her husband’s favorite team and always ask the score. When the team wins, celebrate with him and simply smile at his boasting. But if the team loses and your husband isn’t in the mood, you better stay clear and let him be. Better still, find some soothing words for him. Learn to listen, even if you don’t understand jack about what he is saying on techniques and tactics, the reasons why his favorite team lost – just listen. He will get over it by tomorrow.

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