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Apple Smart Watch for Every Sports Fan by 2016 | Why Nigerian Teams and League Should Develop their Own Apps Now!

 With the Apple Smart Watch debut a few weeks ago, sports right holders, teams and league around the world are now developing their respective Apps right on schedule to fit into the new mobile platform. I felt I should alert football Stakeholders of the emerging market; so teams and leagues start right away to develop their own Apps right here in Nigeria. I’ll tell you why.

Though, the demand is definitely premature to tell this early, but a global market analyst project that 19 million Apple watch units will be sold by the end of 2015 and over 2 billion units by the end of 2016. Of course, there are likely to be other brands and total estimated sales of 4 billion units by the end of 2017… that may translates to a smart watch for every sports fan across the world.  

Beyond active searching for new, innovative way to connect with fans, teams like Manchester United and EPL primarily want to offer their information and content through sundry of channels; and with the Apple Smart Watch presenting the latest vehicle in which to do so.

FIFA, UEFA and other football right holders endorse that Apple’s product pedigree makes it a palatable decision to develop apps… that should tell football stakeholders in Nigeria where the trend is tilting in the next or so.

It means for any team or league to remain relevant in future world football, it must develop a mobile App. In developing the right Apps for smart watch, Nigerian teams and league should work with third party for design-utilizing Apple’s watch kit software, Adept mobile and Yinzcam. 

It comes down to comprehending the features available and identifying how they fit in with your plan; placing themselves in the fan’s perspective with what information is most relevant to them and simplicity at all time.

The experimentation and innovation spurs from exploring wearable like wrist watch is novel. The idea expands the fan experience and a stronger connection with their favorite teams and league. The convenience and expedited usage of wearable lend it to simplified messaging; sent instantly to a fan’s wrist, can by far speed up their decision –making process time in such a dynamic way.

Seyi Olubode, one of the coordinators of Chelsea fans in Nigeria said: “We are extremely fortunate to have such a passionate fan base in Nigeria, but we also understand that many of our fans like to receive information differently. So it is important for us to embrace the Smart Watch alternative that would allow us to reach our fans differently.”

The Apple Smart Watch is unlike anything the fans are accustomed to from the other devices that houses their team’s App.

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, announced that over 35, 000 Apps are immediately available for launch of the Apple watch. Unlike previous products from Apple, 38 different versions of the gadget are available from the outset, ranging Price from $349 t0 $17, 000.

 The Apple Smart Watch is only being sold online for the main time.

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