How Community Relations Program Won Fans and Sponsors for Bajoga Warriors | the Story of a Youth Copper in Gombe

In 2014, David Abbey decided to ‘Give Back’ to the community where serving as a Youth Copper in Gombe State. By gathering Al’Majaris (Juvenile delinquents) who were some kind of nuisance in Bajoga; fermenting troubles and vandalizing valuable properties all round the community.

With them, the youth Corper formed a football team, which they named ‘Bajoga Warriors FC.’ Well, not that these youngsters were in anyway talented footballers, but Abbey perceived their passion for football when he saw them watch Nigeria national team on TV. He was ready to even teach them the fundamentals of the game.

But then, the team needed kits as well as training equipment and the copper couldn’t run to Local Government or NYSC to source funds. Nobody in the community was really interested in his pet project. Not one of them would want to associate with anything involving these ‘Hooligans.’ But Abbey conceived a plan that would later provide Sponsors as well as loyal fans for the team.

On a particular weekend, all the players came out with their Shovels and rakes, and then headed to the major road ravished by erosion menace. The youngsters began to dig drainage by the side of the road and used the sand dug out to fill the gullies and potholes. Few weeks later, when they have finished work on the road, they headed to another one and did the same work. 

It immediately got the attention of the community heads and elders. Some well to do men that drove their cars pas the graded road, voluntarily donated money to the team.

But then, the club wasn’t done yet. They conceived another plan when they saw that the first worked well.  They went to all the old women and widows in the community and helped them mend their leaking roof and cracked walls. The impact of their community development services was so positive that a philanthropist, Mallam Sidi, decided to single handedly sponsor the team.

Bajoga Warriors became talk of the town. Their good works were noised abroad, which got them lots of loyal fans anytime they play a match in community or away. Their story got to the State Governor, who invited the team severally to play at the state capital Gombe. The boys began to enjoy the exposure of what it is to be a real football star.

David Abbey just finished from Nigeria Youth Service Corps this May 2015. He won several Awards from Baloga LG Chairman, the Gombe State governor and NYSC; for transforming a whole community. Turning the dreaded Al’Majaris from vices and channeling their energies into community development projects.

Once viewed as an afterthought, Community relations program has become an integral part of the marketing effort of football teams, particularly those at the professional level. The aim of such program is to enhancing public acceptance and support for your team.

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