Goal.com Vs Cheer on Nigeria – Review of the Popular Football Website in Nigeria

Goal.com and Cheer on Nigeria are among the finest football website out there. Theirs are names currently attracting millions of Nigerian fans the world cover. A comparison of these websites reveals that they are not like other sports publishers Online. They only offer exclusive football contents.

Similarity and Difference of the two Website
With so many options available, it’s not always easy picking one website over another. By narrowing down your options to the top websites that publish Nigeria football contents, then you may begin to get a good grasp of the merits of these two.

Both Website provide quality features in their own different ways. The difference between Goal.com and Cheer on Nigeria is the same between a mainstream media and a social media variance.

Goal.com Unique Features and Traffic Scores

Goal.com is more versatile, publishing not only contents for Nigerians, but covering football news in more than 37 countries the world over.

Readers frequently visit the website because it’s likely to be one of the first to break the news about any football matter or event around the world. Their reports are objective and professionally written. Goal.com has proven itself as a reliable option for football lovers across the spectrum.

Goal.com jams over 157 million page view per month and placed as the 466 website, world wide rank. It has over 11 million visitors per month and 31, 994 external links.

Cheer on Nigeria Unique Features and Traffic Scores

Cheer on Nigeria  seem to “fan their ego.” Somehow subjective mouth piece for Nigerian football. The website (actually a blog) is designed to inspire fans both in Nigeria and those in diasporas; persuading them to actively participate in football business and entertainment.

Almost every new visitor quickly gets addicted to the blogspot and fans regularly visit the website to seek opportunities, solutions or at least, to get inspired afresh.

Cheer on Nigeria traffic growth rate in USA, India, Uk, Thailand, Nigeria… is phenomenal. Over 100% increase already recorded in May 2015, surpassing what the traffic was in 2012, 2013 and 2014 cumulatively – that tells you how popular the website will become in the following years.

When it comes to engagement of football professionals and fans, Cheer on Nigeria stands out. Readers review of blog have been overwhelmingly positive and this is easily verified by the thousands of registered subscribers enjoying the website services. There are so much value provided free of charge – “How to Articles, Formulas for game predictions, Exclusive football products, innovations, projects, football trial and other job opportunities posted on the blog.

Perhaps, Cheer on Nigeria has the largest Memoirs of Nigeria football history and has been attracing researchers, academiers and authors from around the world.

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