100% Jesus, Neymar Declares to the World | After Winning UEFA Champions League Title with FC Barcelona

 Who do you promote in the best moments of your life, when you are on the center stage? I was really inspired as a Christian, when I saw Neymar Jr. put that Bandana with inscription “100% Jesus; after FC Barcelona defeated Juventus at the UEFA Champions league finals in Berlin Germany

It was indeed one of the biggest stage, over 2 billion spectators across the globe viewing the same match. And Neymar Jr thought in his heart that if his team FC Barcelona wins he was going to put on that Headband to declare his faith to the whole world.

Tying a headband to his forehead with the simple message – ‘100%  Jesus’. Neymar made a clear statement of intent to not only the 74  thousand spectators in Berlin’s Olympic stadium but also to the millions  watching on T.V. Jesus is at the centre of Neymar’s life and so must  take part in his celebrations.

Perhaps, he was following the footstep of his fellow Brazilian – Kaka, who had severally declared that he was sent to the football world to preach the gospel. Kaka had adorned several inscriptions such as: “I belong to Jesus,” “Kaka the son of God.”

So who do you promote when it matters most in your life? Who are you promoting in your business, Office, School or even on your social media pages? Remember, you are a man or woman sent from God. Don’t ever be ashamed of the gospel or forget who you are!

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