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Not many think of kiddies’ football as anything. Or how would a full grown adult take up the business of gathering kids, age 5 – 10 years old, tossing balls at them. Nobody will take you seriously.

Well, that’s the irony. What many may have not realized is how ‘hot’ the demand for the business is in Nigeria. So many Dads out there would want their kids to become the next Messi. You can help fan their wishful thinking.

High Demand:
Thinking like a kid isn’t necessarily the same as being a kid. Kids are so restive with activities and want to try out every stunt. But when you are an adult who thinks like a kid and can engage children with constructive sports trainings to burn off their excess steam, then you are in high demand.

In high brawl areas in Lagos Nigeria: Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki peninsula… parents are seriously looking for where to engage their kids in recreations. And offering a kiddie’s football training center won’t be a bad idea at all.

Product Features:
You may decide to start kiddies’ football training center with variety of options for the parents. After School or Weekend programs where parents can drop-off their kids so they could work forehand on football fundamentals: Making accurate passes, Shots at goal, trapping balls on air and several tricks of dribbles…

Holiday football training camp can be another option, where kids can sleep away from Mom and Dad for a week or two to have the thrill of what it’s like to be a big time professional footballer.

If you aren’t a professional, you may have to engage a physical education Specialist  and a Nurse who will administer first aid to injured kids.

Kiddies’ football center is better run by a School sports master or a college coach who already have the experience of dealing with kids at tender age. So engaging one or two will be a big boost

Location and Facilities:
Most kiddies’ sports centers are located in schools, especially schools like Green Springs Lekki, which has good football pitches and boarding house. You can take advantage of the facilities on ground.

You may have to purchase up to two dozen balls, Cones, Dummies for training. You may have to engage a sportswear company like Owu, to produce branded kits for your ‘kid players.’

You have to look for ways to continually create awareness, to attract kids and their parents to your center. Sharing Flyers and Brochures regularly in top private school around your location could be a starting point.

You can create online brochure and newsletters that you will send regularly to your opt-ins and engage your customers.

Most importantly, you should build an interactive website where parents can make inquiries, lodge complaints and register their kids for your upcoming programs.

Setting a price will depend on the quality of your services, your location and competitors pricing too.  You may choose between penetration or scheming strategy: more kids at a lower price vs. exclusive kids at high price.

Total Soccer Method Franchise:
Total Soccer Method (TSM) Netherlands, one of the franchises for kiddies’ football training center is available. Roger Bongaerts, the founder, can help you set up, provide all the facilities and personnel training you need.

 I recommend you go for TSM franchise and your kiddiees’ the best in Nigeria. Call: +234 809 877 2556, or eMail:

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