Thailand Football Trial Deal – FRAUD ALERT!! | Paradorn Maha, Bangkok Racketeer EXPOSED

Bangkok Racketeers spearheaded by Maha Paradorn had defrauded lot football players especially in Africa. And I think it’s time we begin to expose some of these fraudsters. Trust me, we are already working on the top 20 racketeers that defraud football players and coaches across the globe – watch out for the post soon.

It’s incredible what these guys do. A footballer who isn’t informed about these things can easily fall victim to Paradorn’s proposals, because the Bangkok racketeers will send all support documents that may mislead you to think the deal is authentic.

We are letting you know about this so you will be much more careful when you receive an email announcing football trials in a team like Singhtrua FC in Thailand.

Paradorn will ask you to send in your profile so that the team management will confirm if you are eligible to participate in the trials program. If you’d send in your profile (football CV), few hours later, two emails will be sent to you – informing you that the club found you qualified to participate in the trials.


First email will go on to read that your (Air ticket, Invitation letter and evidence of Hotel Accommodation) will be provided by the club upon confirmation of your registration with ‘Football Association Thailand’ (FAT).

The other email will be sent to you, which is supposed to have come from FAT, asking the player to register with the association for a fee between ($485 – 685USD) as the case may be. You’ll be asked to transfer the fund through Western Union Money transfer only. If you transfer the fund, you will not hear from him again – you’ve been SCAMMED!

In some cases, he rope you in, by requesting  that you introduce 2 – 5 other quality players; that means he can defraud about 5 of your friends and including you.

This is just one of the several schemes he uses to reap off people of their money I have read several schemes these racketeers come up with on social media. Click here to read this on facebook

What I am yet to confirm is this, Mr. Paradorn Maha, Assistant Chief Scout THAI PORT FC, is this the real name of this India-Chinese looking man or is it another impersonation?

Google Search “Paradorn Maha” and read more about  this fraudster.

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