2015 Konamii: Give Back, Have Fun and Play for Charity | Inter-Orphanage Football Festival in Lagos – Be Part of It!

 Where will you be on the Morning of July 25 2015? Check your schedule can you shelve other pressing appointments to be involved in something more laudable and satisfying? Then be part of this.

With a minimum donation of N1, 000 at the Campos Mini Stadium Lagos Island, you’ll gain access to an unforgettable experience as you participate in the Inter-Orphanage football tournament - Konamii 2015!!

Get it right, Orphans are not physically challenged persons. They are young people without their biological parents to take care of them and they are brought to the orphanage home. Though, the orphanage may not have all the comfort and amenities of an ideal home, but it doesn’t take away the God-given talents of these young lads.

They just want some love! They want to play like normal children, wear nice clothes, and eat good food; read story books and comics like other children out there. This is what it’s all about. To show this children love in style. You are encourage to come to the fiesta with your own donations for the orphanage homes – money, household items, sanitary wares, toys, food items, educational materials; used or extra  clothes in your children’s wardrobe can be donated.

Hello-foods, associate Sponsors of Konamii 2015, will provide food and drink during the day long football festival, so you don’t have to worry about being thirsty or hungry.  More corporate sponsors are encouraged to be part of this laudable event.

The 2014 edition attracted Nollywood stars and top music artists, all came to support this charity venture. Some served as make-up players for some orphanage that doesn’t enough players to form a team. Some are Officials during the games. Just like last year, Korede who recently released the reigning single –‘Godwin’ will be present to perform in this edition.

You may choose to participate as a make-up player or sit at the stands to sheer during the inter-orphanage tourney; that takes a novelty nature, because every team will be celebrated. It’s a win-win thing as donations will be presented to each participating orphanage home.

The KONAMII football tournament is organized by Change Africa Project to carter for some selected orphanage homes. The football festival was designed to use the popularity of football to attract philanthropic minded people and to celebrate these special homes in Lagos Nigeria. The event provide a platform where people can pool together as little donations as N1, 000 and  these monies are made available to participating orphanage homes.

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