Aliko Dangote Want to Buy Arsenal for Nigeria | What Billionaires Invest-in for Global Recognitions

Africa’s richest man and multiple-business entrepreneur, Aliko Dangote has taken his aspiration to buy Arsenal of England from another dimension. He believes taking over ‘The Gunners would be a massive boost to Nigeria and not just himself.

In apparent reaction to stinkers from cynical football followers in Nigeria and abroad, who believe Dangote would be serving the country a better good by investing in a domestic league club, the tycoon says selling the country’s image internationally would be made better through his ownership of Arsenal FC.

Dangote initially attempted to secure a 15% stake in Arsenal five years ago, but was turned down by Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, who sold her shares to Stan Kronenke.

The 58 old Nigerian, who has amassed a £12.2 billion fortune since founding his own business in 1978, is a majority shareholder in numerous companies that supply 90% of Nigeria’s flour, cement and sugar.

He has attracted criticism for his reluctance to invest in domestic league in favor of England’s Premiership. But Dangote is adamant that the Gunners represent a more viable proposition than any Nigerian club.

With Argument that the English FA Champions can reach the global audience that would showcase Nigeria’s image universally, Dagote says he is interested in purchasing Premier League club Arsenal in order to boost the profile of his homeland.

“The issue is that if I buy all the Nigerian clubs, the Nigerian flag will remain here, but buying Arsenal will take the Nigerian flag worldwide.”

“Just like whenever Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich is mentioned the name of his country comes up. Everyone knows he’s Russian” Dangote explained to Forbes.

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