Glo Premier League Improved Quality Excites Nigerian Fans | So What Happened?

Suddenly, Nigeria's elite football league, Glo Premiership is beginning to excite fans for its improved quality this season. Already spectators have started attending the league matches and derbies like Abia Warriors Vs Enyimba, Kano Pillars Vs Wikki Tourist, Sunshine Vs 3sc…were played before a full capacity stadium in the first round.

For the first time, 19 away wins was recorded only in the first round, something that doesn't happen before in an entire league season. There was a general referee’s improvement and perhaps, LMC resolve to break the HOME WIN SYNDROME in the league.

WHAT HAPPENED?   The new LMC Board decided to become very stringent with the provisions of the rules and regulations governing the League. They showed more seriousness in prosecuting anyone involved in any form of match fixing and banishing teams from their home, in cases of hooliganism.

Weekly, they assess referees performances and ensure that erring ones are suspended or banished from the league where necessary.

Thirdly, LMC now seriously certify the state of stadiums where these league games are played. Teams with substandard arenas are asked to upgrade, while playing in a better stadium away from their home ground. These measures have greatly impacted on the quality of the league this season. And fans who watched these improved quality on SuperSports are attracted to attend the next match.

Regarding marketing, LMC also moved to encourage the teams to promote their matches by offering higher percentage share of gate takings, if a match is watched by 5, 000 spectators or more. So, teams are doing more to get football lovers in their locality to attend league games. In some instance, they had to employ vehicle with a meager phone to announce the next match all around the hinterlands and villages within the axis of their stadium

Well, some school of thought felt that the sudden increase attendance in Glo Premier League matches could be attributed to the fact that this time is English Premiership off season, so fans can turn their attention to the local league. Perhaps, LMC should strategically consider scheduling the Nigerian league to peak during EPL off season to attract more fans or what do you think.

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