Create Your Own Football Video Clips all by yourself in 7 Steps [Using Movie Editor App on your Smartphone]

Don't you ever bother sending your Match Video to a Scout or Agent. They're likely not to watch it nor forward it to any club management for assessment. Experience has shown me why.

It can be a great entertainment when you play back the video of a top class UEFA Champions League match, but have you ever tried watching a poorly shot low standard match video? Oh no, it can be so boring you'd probably dose-off several times and miss all the highlights (if any).

It's so much hard work to sit down and watch such match Video for a  full 90 minutes, not to think of watching several of them. No Scout or Agent would let you subject him or her to such torture.

There's a better way to get the interest of a Scout and be sure he would enthusiastically push your video to his club Management for assessment.

What you should do if you have several match videos is to edit each one and select clips of your best performances, then compress all your selected clips into a movie of about 45 minutes or less.

You get it now? What I'm saying is this: your match video is not a good marketing tool for you. Only your best video Clips can better capture the interest of Scouts and Agents.

Have you ever seen 'The Best of Ronaldo?' You can log on to YouTube to watch several examples of players' Video clips - that can give you better idea of what to do.

Ideally, I will recommend you find a multimedia Video editor to produce a professional job for you. But if you can't find one for any reason, then you are in luck reading this article. You can attempt to do it yourself anyway.

Create Your Own Video Clips all by yourself - in 7 Steps

Step 1: Use a PC to upload all your Match video DVDs into soft copies, and then transfer the files to your tablet or Smartphone via Bluetooth or other file sharing options that both devices are compatible with.

Step 2: Download the movie editor App on Google Play Store or other App Stores compatible with your Smartphone. (You can follow the steps better if you are using an Android Smartphone).

Step 3: Go to the movie App Settings and select New Project Timing, then click 35 minutes or 45 minutes editing limit as the case may be. Then import all your match videos files to the movie editor App.

 Step 4: Start highlighting your best performances on each match Video by dragging the editing funnels right or left until you cover the area you want to select.  Make sure all the highlights you selected don’t totally exceed 35 minutes or 45 minutes as the case may be.

Step 5: Preview your selected clips and see if you want to make adjustments here and there. When you are satisfied with your work, then you can move to the next step.

Step 6: Go to the menu again and click 'theme,' then select a theme of your choice. You can go Online to check out more themes you may prefer; (download and apply).

You may want to change the theme's background music. Go to music and select any music of your choice on your phone.

You can as well record a voiceover. You may decide to narrate each of the clips yourself or get someone to do it for you. Preview your work again and if you are satisfied with all the aspects of the movie, then save it.

Step 7: Click on the menu to select 'sharing.' You may decide to share your movie on your YouTube Channel. Upload your movie and YouTube allows you to share the video by automatically generated link or embed dement.

You can copy the link and paste on your email compose and send it to all the Scouts and Agents you can reach. You can share embed on facebook, LinkedIn, Vine... If your video Clips are that interesting, be sure to get invitation letters from clubs ASAP!

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