Which University or College Can Offer You Football Scholarship in Nigeria?

There are questions you don't just answer direct, such as:

Which University or College Offers Athletic Scholarship in Nigeria?

It isn't a matter of giving you a list of schools or saying NO, there's none. It is about giving you relevant information that'll help you make the right decisions for your future. And I would like to paint a picture for you right away.

The University of Markudi will host the next Nigerian University Games (NUGA); the 26th edition. Now you'll think the school is all about sports, with a lot of constructions and upgrade of facilities going on around the campus. Usually, the target will be to HOST and WIN the inter-university sports competition.

So the host university will be aiming at recruiting more athletes to participate in most of the sporting events. But then, winning GOLD in the most popular sport in Nigeria, FOOTBALL, will be the high point. The only thing that will give both students and lecturers a sense of satisfaction for hosting the game. 

With FOOTBALL GOLD as the major focus, you can almost bet your last penny that the host university would go for mercenaries. It is the best time for footballers to gain admission (through the back door) into the institution.

I'm not trying to throw punches, but waivers could be granted exceptional players who doesn't have the required O'Level (6 Credits, including Mathematics and English Language) and didn't take JAMB . Tution fees for the session may be waived also; and free hostel accommodation given. During camping, the athletes may be given free food and other welfare packages.

Although, only few universities in Nigeria can offer such concessions to athletes during the bi- annual games and I can mention some of these institutions: OAU, LASU, UNICAL, UNIJOS, Bayero University,..  It is the same with colleges and polytechnics. Perhaps, only  YabaTech, Laspotech, Auchi poly, Bida poly... could offer concessions to athletes during NIPOGA year.

 This can't in any way be regarded as Athletic Scholarship. The bad new is some of these institutions remove the concessions and welfare packages given to athletes immediately after the games.

What l'm saying is this:  a footballer can gain concessional admissions  with the host or with other institutions mentioned here, during NUGA or NIPOGA year. But there's no tertiary institution in Nigeria that formally offers Athletic Scholarship.

You may need to travel abroad for such offers. Some USA and Canadian Universities offers Athletic Scholarship to footballers in Nigeria and we can help with that. 

Our company, GreenHunters Sports International work closely with Global Placement,  which assess players in Lagos Nigeria and then, help place them in over a thousand universities and Colleges in the US and Canada.

You can contact us to find out when the next assessment will be and other details you need to know before then. Call+234 809 877 2556 or email: gh.sports1@gmail.com

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