Sport Marketing Revenue Generation Strategy for Nigerian Professional Football Clubs | A Practical Guide for Team Managers

 I can't possibly finish this in just one article, because the revenue generation strategy may need some detailed explanations and tactical  tools (I can write a book on it). But I would probably try to dive into the topic in such a way anyone that read this will immediately get it.

The profession is largely misunderstood in an environment like Nigeria. When I tell people that I'm a sport marketing professional, they frown and ask, what's that? Are you a sports journalist or do you sell sports equipment?

The reason for the misunderstanding is the fact that a sport marketing professional is more recognized in an environment where sport is commercialized.

For me, we're forerunners in the industry and we hope Nigeria will gradually transit from a government run sports ministry to a more commercialized football industry.

As long as government continues to 'spoon feed' the football federation and professional clubs in Nigeria, it may be difficult to discover all the business potentials of the industry.

For instance, it may remain a mystery to most private football club owners and they keep complaining of astronomically high expenditure in running their team, with little or no avenue for income. In fact, this is the major reason most privately owned clubs disband after few years of existence.

The question why professional football clubs in Nigeria don't make enough money to at least breakeven isn't that difficult to answer. Sponsors and fans largely do not patronize the league.

The league doesn't meet the wants and needs of football consumers in the country. Ironically, Nigeria has a large market size of over 80 million active football consumers turning elsewhere. This is the reason both league and clubs in Nigeria urgently need sport Marketing input in their core management decisions.

Sport Marketing consists of all activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sport consumers (in this case, football consumers), through exchange process.

Sport Marketing has developed two major thrusts: the marketing of sport (football) products and services directly to consumers, and marketing of other consumer and industrial products or services through sport (football) promotions.

If Sport Marketing ideally consists of activities designed to meet the wants and needs of sport consumers, then historically the football industry in Nigeria has been guilty of what Theodore Levitt called "marketing myopia" or lack of foresight in marketing of the Football League and clubs.

Adding a Sport Marketing Professional into the management of NPFL clubs for instance, will open their eyes to marketing ventures capable of attracting football consumers and consequently pulling sponsors.

It may sound like exaggeration, but Nigerian clubs have all the potentials to become very profitable. It only require in-dept knowledge of sport Marketing and Management principles to turn the current situation around and make it possible for clubs to begin to generate a whole lot of revenue from their business activities.

It starts from League Management Company (LMC) providing zero tolerance for issues surrounding sub-standard stadiums, match fixing, hooliganism, board room politics... and to make clubs sit up by clamping down serious punishment to offenders.

Then improve players remuneration, welfare package as well as serious impeachment on breach of contract by either club or player.

Top of the revenue funnel is attracting fans to attend league matches through aggressive marketing. Strategically promoting these matches with various media campaign and ticketing models, which in turn translates to increased gate takings.

Consistent fans patronage and support will definitely pull higher shirt sponsorship bargains, TV rights, stadium signage advertisements, licensed merchandise deals and players endorsements.

Ideally, Nigerian clubs understanding how to take advantage of their position as 'feeder teams' for bigger clubs in Europe, Asia and America, can make a lot of money from international transfer market operations.

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