How Can GreenHunters Sports International Help You? | FIND OUT!

Book a date with GreenHunters' CEO and receive a free 25 minutes Consultation: Answer to just about any challenge you may be facing pursuing a football business or career in Nigeria.

The daily politics and intricacies of managing a football business or career in Nigeria can stun even the most insightful investor. You'll be at high risk taking decisions just by your instincts or your previous knowledge of the industry - but you don't have to do that!

GreenHunters Sports International provides you data-led information, up-to-date analysis, and can as well be part of your  football project. 

We cover all aspects of the Sport and can work on every type of deal; whether it is the big ones on a global scale or even the smaller ones that's difficult to research. As long as it's about Nigerian football, we can help you succeed.

Our Clients use our premium services to:
  • Get in-depth information and guidelines that help them make right decisions.
  • Benchmark the value of their club, league or tournament for Corporate Sponsors.
  • Engage their fans and make their club, league or tournament the preferred brand.
  • Keep on top of revenue generation strategies for their club, league or tournament... 
  • Package players and expose their talents to relevant Scouts, Agents, and club managers worldwide.

Our information, step-by-step guides and opportunities are exclusive; you can't get them anywhere else.

In 2015, GreenHunters has helped 32 young footballers start-off their football career at different levels. Some signed their first contract with a professional club this year, while some others got Athletic Scholarship admissions into a college or University.

We are presently engaging another 2000 young footballers across Africa, preparing them for the future.

Our pilot project with Sports Sponsorship Insiders UK will soon pay off. Before the end of the year, we hope to help Warri Wolves fc, start off as the first-ever Nigerian team to operate as a full scale business entity.

No other sports organization has such network of experts and dedicated team verifying deals as well as creating opportunities for these African youths and clubs.

We are so willing to fill your questions. To book a date with Benson Chukwueke, GreenHunters' CEO, call: +234 809 877 2556

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